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Psychic Harmony x8214 stars Phone Reading

Prediction did not come to pass


Psychic Eden x4870 stars Phone Reading

Eden was accurate with current feelings. (my name confidential)


Psychic Yana x9104 stars Chat Reading

Thanks (my name confidential)


Psychic Diana x4678 stars Chat Reading

Thanks (my name is confidential)


Psychic Cheyenne x7505 stars Chat Reading

Nothing resonated not connected at all, thanks but no connection.


Psychic Jaska x3072 stars Phone Reading

I come to jaska becauSe I feel connected majority of the time, I never feel like I’m wasting my money , she’s always attentive, detailed, insightful and does NOT just tell me anything ! Most importantly she understands anxiety, depression that I suffer so when she reads me she always digs to give me clarity to anything she tells me so that I don’t hang up paranoid, worried or unsettled. If you’re a long time customer with chronic anxiety like me then you know that last sentence is crucial, a reader who LOVES what she does, jaska is one of them! She will answer your questions plus give you good advice to achieve a positive outcome especially if she sees something could go left depending on your action she will try to save you from disappointed by looking into what you should do to avoid negativity. She’s All around awesome ! Her advice comes after the reading , her readings are not full of advice vs psychic insight . She’s very good at insight, details, meanings , predictions, dates and advice based on the insight she’s seeing. You’ll never feel like it was a therapy session vs a psychic reading , in fact you’ll feel please by the psychic reading plus helpful advice to achieve what she’s seeing. (My name is confidential)


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Psychic Michele x3520 stars Phone Reading

Thanks but it didn’t come to pass (keep name confidential please if you reply )


Psychic Denise x7842 stars Phone Reading

Thanks but it didn’t come to pass (keep name confidential please if you reply )


Psychic Fern x4669 stars Chat Reading

Wow. On point yesterday. Thanks.


Psychic Harmony x8214 stars Phone Reading

I went home today and the same cat I asked you about I pulled up to find her on the roof just like you said , my heart dropped all I heard was what you told me!!! Wow same day of this reading this happened which confirmed what you just told me a few hours before !!!! I’m astounded !!! Harmony please keep my real name confidential if you reply :) thank you