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Psychic Anja x8147 stars Chat Reading

I really enjoyed our chat. .She doesn't waste your time or money. I asked and she replied (no bull advice or fairytale stories) Ms. Anja, was VERY non-judgemental, respectful, kind, humble and GIFTED. . She basically echoed what my dream team of Advisors/Guardian angels said, with extra information and in her own unique way. My anxiety was horrible before talking to her and well, at this time, I feel VERY peaceful. Ms. Anja, although it was a very short time, thank you for respecting my time, money and ME. YOU are a true Guardian Angel.. Hugs, GOD BLESS YOU.


Psychic Gemini x3084 stars Phone Reading

Gemini! THANK YOU... Thank you for what you do daily to help others. You were there for me when I needed someone to get to the point and to guide me with no extra bull. You are RESPECTFUL, TO THE POINT, HUMBLE, GIFTED AND EXTRA KIND... Thank you for responding to my question and the extra information..thank you for the way you treated me eventhough I was short on time and money, you were still not only VERY accurate but very kind. However the next day, i woke up very anxious once again (cough cough) 9:30p - SOOOOO, please don't forget about me ... (Pray for me) I need it.. God bless .


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Psychic Zara x3365 stars Phone Reading

Honestly, I LOVE and APPRECIATE all the Advisors/Guardian Angels that have guided me to the best of their ability and with the best of all intentions..they have helped me grow and get this far..., BUT to feel a '"connection" from the beginning, has ONLY happened to me with "LEILA" and NOW "ZARA" They are both SHARP, KIND AND TO THE POINT. No BS or fairy tales. I felt VERY nervous before talking to her, because we never know how the person on the other side is going to treat us OR what they are going to tell us. Maybe catching them on a bad day. I had a very bad experience with one male advisor the second time I chatted with him. Thank God for the rest of my favorite Advisors correcting it. ZARA, is VERY gifted. For one, calmed my nerves with her amazing personality. She is HUMBLE, RESPECTFUL, SHARP, KIND, TO THE POINT AND GIFTED. She told me things that ONLY I know...or my other half. She described us and our relationship perfectly. In a way that made me feel like she had been there a few times. She answered my question in detail and gave me extra information to ease my mind. .I have horrible anxiety with this. She does NOT sugarcoat anything BUT will explain it in a very kind way. You can feel how positive she is nice to hear laughter at some point from your relaxes you and makes you feel like you are talking to an old friend. But talking to her is way better because she has the best of intentions and DEFINITELY knows what she is talking about. I will be coming back to you ZARA..THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE AND HELPING ME.. "Waiting and having Patience" is NOT easy for me.. But I have to prove to myself that FAITH is going to make this happen. If the one reading this is wanting help, wanting answers and needs someone truly GIFTED that will not waste your money or time, CALL will NOT regret it. God bless you ZARA (low on funds BUT I will be back)


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Psychic Leila x3309 stars Chat Reading

My impatient and anxious a** can go to 30 other Advisors, BUT no one like Leila, NOONE. She isike a freaken Psychic MACHINE. I have said this before and I will say this again, HUMBLE, RESPECTFUL, PATIENT (especially when dealing with someone like me) NON JUDGEMENTAL AND GIFTED. She will NOT waste your money or time. What I really appreciate and love about her, she WANTS TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER. With that being said, you can call her 100 times about the same thing and she will NOT forget you...she won't. You are some one that she wants to help. Leila, regreso el otro mes. Te aprecio y respeto mucho! God bless.


Psychic Orion x9761 stars Phone Reading

Enjoyed our connection and chat A LOT!


Psychic Ivanka x3372 stars Phone Reading

No connection.


Psychic Michele x3520 stars Phone Reading

No connection.


Psychic Venus x8854 stars Phone Reading

Si pudiera le diera 1,000 estrellas Venus!! I beyond enjoyed this chat. This GIFTED Guardian Angel is AMAZING. She was VERY respectful, humble, calm, ACCURATE, and VERY NON JUDGEMENTAL..I felt very comfortable with her. All she asked for was my name, a question from me and birthdate and OUT came the answer with extra information. This information was VERY ACCURATE..and this information could have only been given to her by a fly on the wall, NOT! I can't wait to talk to her again..It has been a journey for me while talking to different Guardian Angels. I was ment to talk to Venus last...and I thank God for this. Sra. Venus, usted es una bendicion. MUCHAS GRACIAS por ayudarme...y ser tan Buena conmigo. Rese por mi por favor y por mi pareja. REGRESARE y QUE DIOS LA BENDIGA...


Psychic Rheda x8860 stars Chat Reading

I don't know how she did it or what she did, but after our chat, i feel very calm and my faith kicked all the way back into gear. So weird, but it feels AMAZING.. She basically echoed what my Dream Team of Advisors have said to me, but in her own accurate and special way. I feel so at ease, peaceful and happy right now ..I just can't explain it. She was short AND TO THE POINT. Most importantly, she was NON JUGDEMENTAL, humble, very sweet, and very respectful. She was not interested in having a 2 hour fairytale chat. She was more interested in helping me understand what is going on. . Again, I don't know how she did it, but my anxiety went from horrible 10 to ZERO. Now THIS time, my impatient butt needs to just sit still and let God do the rest (just like my Guardian Angels/Advisors have asked me to SEVERAL times. I have no regrets in talking to each one of them. Even though they all said the same thing to me, they have ALL helped me understand my situation in their own special way. With that being said, I am not where I was at mentally or emotionally before them..I am several steps closer to where I need to be. So when the time comes and my prediction does happen, I am ready and not a complete mess. .just like before I spoke to them. THANK YOU Ms. Rheda... THANK YOU for using your gift to help others in need. God bless you and I will talk to you soon. Maybe around February ;)


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Psychic Pearl x7638 stars Phone Reading

This LADY is GIFTED. I have my Dream Team of Angels and I just added her to them. Before her, I tried a few others because my zero patience and my anxiety started kicking in. They were full of it. Wasted my time and money!! That's what I get. I can only blame myself for not waiting like my dream team adviced me to. Scrolling through, I saw Ms. Pearls profile. God told me to try one more time. Boom!!! Hit the nail right on the head. She didn't want info, she actually wanted me to shush and gave me as much ACCURATE info as possible. She echoed my Angel Team. THIS is what you call A REAL GUARDIAN ANGEL..They are about changing your life, NOT their bank account. Ms. Pearl, was AMAZING!!! THANK YOU for calming me down and giving me peace of mind. Thank you for being non judgemental and THANK YOU for being such a blessing. Pray for me please .. (Virtual hug) I will be back. THIS time, my butt needs to LISTEN to yall and wait.