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Psychic Kalliope x4791 stars Chat Reading

Thank you so much, Kalliope. It was really lovely chatting with you and I appreciate your guidance. I feel seen, validated, and generally a lot better (and more settled). She seemed to pick up on my situation and guides right away and was quick to respond. Direct in her advice but so friendly and I felt a very calming energy while chatting with her. There were a couple things she said that felt spot-on or directly related to things I was either just about to say or had been thinking to myself earlier in the day, so it all made sense to me. Super interested to see what's in store for me a little down the road. Thank you again, Kalliope!


Psychic Julia x4667 stars Chat Reading

I approached with a bit of a broad question about career at first and anticipated it going a few different directions, but Julia was able to dig down into some very specific details that truly resonated with me. She was so pleasant and easy to chat with, very quick in her responses, and blew me away with some of the things she said because they all made sense (and almost felt familiar, as if it wasn't the first time I was hearing the messages - but it was). Julia thank you so much for the wonderful chat! So sorry I ran out of time - I probably could have kept talking to you for hours. I really enjoyed our conversation, and I greatly appreciate the clarity and inspiration you gave me. Would love to talk to you again in the future :) until then, all the best to you!


Psychic Lydia x4702 stars Chat Reading

I already can't wait to talk to Lydia again. What a positive, energizing, wonderful conversation and experience. Lydia, thank you so much for your insights, guidance, and the amazing connection you made. What a pleasant and uplifting surprise for today. You answered all my questions and then took us in a different direction that I wasn't expecting - and I can't thank you enough! I wish I could chat with you all the time. Many thanks, many blessings, and so much love.


Psychic Vontessa x3623 stars Phone Reading

Vontessa was so lovely to speak to! She had such a wonderful, positive energy and was very supportive and honest. She picked up on my family dynamics really well (and quickly) and was able to offer clear guidance. I am so glad I connected with her and would absolutely love to talk to her again when I'm in need of some insight and direction. So, so thankful for our conversation.


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Psychic Kallie x3478 stars Phone Reading

Amazing and somewhat unexpected reading with Kallie! It spontaneously turned into a bit of a medium session but it all made perfect sense considering what I originally asked her about. Such a lovely and inspiring conversation. Can't wait to be able to update her as things develop over time. Thank you, Kallie!


Psychic Pippa x4679 stars Phone Reading

I spoke with Pippa on the phone and she is so lovely! Everything she said felt very accurate and she was able to give a lot of detail without much input from me. Also got timing right with a couple things and I'm eager to see if she's correct about potential timing for a job offer in the near future. Pippa, thank you so, so much! Sorry we got cut off but I would love to talk to you again soon!


Psychic Angelica x9393 stars Phone Reading

Great connection! Angelica was so positive and encouraging about my career while also being direct with my reading. The conversation flowed so naturally and everything she said felt spot on. Highly recommend talking to her!


Psychic Fern x4669 stars Chat Reading

Fern, sorry we got cut off but you are wonderful! What you said about my career search felt so accurate, and I could see things playing out the way you described for either of my options. I'll have to update you whenever things move, but thank you so much for a great reading. Fern is very friendly, which comes across even over chat, and her reading felt spot-on. Quick to get to the point but compassionate in her delivery. Don't hesitate to connect with her about your questions!


Psychic Ginger x3037 stars Phone Reading

Ginger! We got cut off but thank you so much for your wonderful insights and hope to give you a positive update in the near future! I've talked to Ginger a couple times about my career and she is so sweet, compassionate, and encouraging. Great reading - clear and supportive while being able to provide an idea of timing, as well as guidance toward the best path for me. Highly recommend talking to her. She'll make your day!