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Psychic Marceline x4986 stars Phone Reading

Marceline has worked with me through two different sessions, providing very clear answers to all of my questions ... she hears what you have to say, responds with a warm sense of humor, and IS deeply intuitive !!! I will call her again.


Psychic Alice x4990 stars Phone Reading

... after my third "reading" with Alice I want to say that she has shown so many natural strengths as an Advisor - her vision runs very deep and with a high degree of clarity ... she communicates extremely well, and is able to integrate, or piece together all of the details into a coherent "whole", and I feel she is a wonderfully good and honest person with a great sense of humor - Thank You Alice ... you have given to me valuable insight and knowledge !


Psychic Heidi x4973 stars Phone Reading

Heidi gave me information and insight that no one else has ... I also appreciate how well she communicates ... and YES, I will call her back to seek more answers ... Thank YOU Heidi !


Psychic Rebecca x4755 stars Phone Reading

I have only written a few reviews for the psychics I have worked with ... this is now the second review I am writing for Rebecca because she is SO VERY GOOD . Rebecca's "vision" penetrates deeply, and has served to be most useful for me ... that is why I have continued to work with her - she has provided highly valuable insight for me. Rebecca IS a wonderful gift!


Psychic Adele x9214 stars Phone Reading

Adele sees not only the 'big picture', but she also clearly sees all the small details. And, her Vision extends 'way down the road' into the future. Adele communicates very well, is pleasantly warm hearted, and is highly practical - she offers solutions to any challenges I present to her ... ... I like her a lot - and I TRUST her!!!


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Psychic Iris x3493 stars Phone Reading

After one of the "worst days at the office" and me deeply feeling "disappointment, heartbreak, and disbelief", Iris was able to help me understand the nature of the problem and was more than able to get me moving in a highly positive direction ... I trust Iris and the Clarity of her insight ... Iris, thank you for having my back ... you made difficult times manageable ... and yes, you rekindled my kindness and better judgement


Psychic Eden x4870 stars Phone Reading

Eden is good ... REALLY GOOD! ... I have experience with a number of psychics, and Eden is one of the best ... she is highly accurate and precise, sees clearly into any situation I ask about, and I trust her deeply ... Eden communicates very well, is warmhearted and caring, and has provided me with a wonderful clarity - Eden is my 'go to Advisor'. I feel Blessed from the help she has provided, and rate and recommend her Most Highly!


Psychic Rebecca x4755 stars Phone Reading

Rebecca is one of the BEST … she is clear, highly accurate, and deeply warmhearted. Her “groundedness” consistently provides effective, practical, ‘life changing” advice for me, and her kindness is a pure blessing. I trust her, and know that she has ‘my back’. After our sessions have ended, I feel as if I want her to be Blessed … thank YOU Rebecca .. you are a wonderful HELP!


Psychic Viva x4826 stars Phone Reading

Viva is VERY GOOD at this, and I recommend her most highly !!! ... ... aside from enjoying her pure heartedness, I felt she fully understood all of my questions, and was able to clearly "offer up" well informed answers ... ... she also showed a strong ability to adjust her communication in a way that allowed for me to fully see where she is coming from ... ... at this point, I have to say that Viva is a PURE BLESSING ... thank you Viva - and yes, you had me at "Hello"