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Psychic Clarice x9368 stars Chat Reading

She picked up on the situation immediately, i was pleastly surprised. I was disappointed in my poi outcome, but it's what is going to happen and I can't change it. I really appreciated her honesty about it. She was gentle, but didn't sugar coat it


Psychic Magick Tami x7275 stars Phone Reading

So I have to wait and see if my questions about my POI will come to pass, but I LOVED Tami. This is the first time I felt at ease with someone on this site and she had me smiling the entire time. I definitely hope her predictions come to pass. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to her and I would love to speak again soon.


Psychic Paige x7868 stars Phone Reading

I love her energy! She was very comforting and left me smiling throughout the reading. I'm still waiting for my situation, but I very much enjoyed speaking with her. I'm definitely planning on speaking with her again.


Psychic Barbara x7866 stars Chat Reading

Barbara is so wonderful to speak with and I really feel like I can trust her. I love how calm and caring she is. I honestly only want to speak with her from now on. As far as what could come to pass in my future, well, I have a while to wait, but it feels like the truth. From what I have read in recent reviews she does not hesitate to speak the truth, which I appreciate very much.