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Psychic Angel x4799 stars Chat Reading

Great reading, Everything she said made lot of sense on what I was asking her about, felt she connected very well even for a chat reading.


Psychic Morgan x3465 stars Chat Reading

very good reading and timeframe align with others that I trust, I recommend Morgan.


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Psychic Clara x4709 stars Chat Reading

Very good reading I have to say, no sugar coating at all and time frame has aligned with another I trust a lot. highly recommend Clara.


Psychic Ivanka x3372 stars Chat Reading

wow just after couple days of my chat reading with Ivanka I got a call from 1 of the company's I was asking about she said I would get offer for, sadly I couldnt take it up as it was too far from my location and I cant relocate right now, still waiting to hear from other we discussed but Ivanka is somebody I will return to for further readings as her predictions happen!


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Psychic Seth x3647 stars Chat Reading

Doesnt beat around the bush is fast replying and his timeline in what I was asking about has lined up with some other readers, Had a good feeling about Seth :) felt my money was well spent, Blessings Seth sorry funds ran out.


Psychic Hope x3496 stars Chat Reading

Great reading this is my 2nd reading with Hope and I have lot of faith in what she tells me :) her guidance in 1st reading was very accurate. Blessings.


Psychic Ivy x3654 stars Chat Reading

Very honest reader I felt, felt like she connected very well to my situation doesnt sugar coat. :)


Psychic Cynthia x8121 stars Chat Reading

Very good reader, she told me stuff that aligns with other good psychics too. :)


Psychic Abela x9518 stars Chat Reading

She's fantastic, fast and nice, her predictions aligns with what number of other psychics have told me :) thank you Abela


Psychic Isabella x9825 stars Chat Reading

Seemed to connect well enough, didnt sugar coat anything which I liked about her, will return and give 5 stars if prediction happens.