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Psychic Dewin x4718 stars Phone Reading

I found him to be kind and polite. However, not able to ascertain accuracy yet. He mentioned that I will hear from my daughters, the younger one in the next 1 to 2 weeks.


Psychic Selene x8938 stars Phone Reading

She is very accurate and her reading is full of details. I wish I had more time today to have extended this reading. I will definitely call again.


Psychic Ruby x4812 stars Phone Reading

She was very precise and to the point. I found her insights to be super accurate and I am looking forward to her stated predictions.


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Psychic Salem x4774 stars Phone Reading

Salem is very insightful and reads with clarity and details. She feels emotions, feelings and intentions. She was able to tap into my situation with ease and her predictions make sense. She is a love to speak with too.


Psychic Amelia x9227 stars Phone Reading

She was on target from April when she said my home would be sold by June! She sees that my poi will extricate himself out of a bad situation and come forward to me. She predicts July 6 to be of importance. Thank you, Amelia for your honesty and clarity.


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Psychic Tomas x8157 stars Phone Reading

Tomas is fantastic! He reads with clarity and great accuracy. His predictions happen and on or by the stated timeline. He hasn’t changed anything he has said since our last reading in April, that my guy and I are moving into a solid relationship come July and a new residence for us (also happened as I bought a large home in CT) that he also will move to ( July-Sept) He accurately picked up on thoughts, emotions and feelings. His insights are simply put, clear, accurate and his delivery of them is always kind and respectful.


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Psychic Anthony x8064 stars Phone Reading

Always accurate in what he picks up, he is detailed and insightful. This reading brings many positive events to come in the not too distant future. He believes I will get contact from my guy anytime now to the 1st week in June, he has accurately picked up the turmoil around him and sees him stepping up to me and our relationship strengthens . He also sees him making a commitment and his moving to my new home with me. Thank you, Anthony


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Psychic Cielo x3534 stars Phone Reading

I have been speaking with Cielo for many months, always with good outcomes. However, recently , we have not been connecting very well. Many events she has predicted have come true , but now, She isn’t able to give me very much info at all and I feel like she is putting in her own personal judgment and feelings. I deliberately held off in calling her for over a month to see if we could get on track , but it did not happen. Sorry to downgrade this star rating but I need to be truthful here. This said, Cielo is polite and professional and that part has not changed.


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Psychic Michele x3520 stars Phone Reading

Kind and on point, Michele tunes in and reads with details and timelines that make sense. She is very kind and down to earth in her approach.


Psychic Raquel x9488 stars Phone Reading

Excellent as usual !