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Psychic Marlo x4659 stars Chat Reading

She connected right away. Really nice... what she said made sense .... Shes is pretty legit..... will def look for her again. Thank you !!!


Psychic Denise x7842 stars Phone Reading

Zero zero connection. Super vague . I had to be the one digging for more detail. Was more about just giving extremely basic and I mean Basic advice... I would not recommend her at all. Like at all. Even if the reading was something I didn’t want to hear, her connection was like me speaking to my cat.... actually no.... not even my cat speaks more......


Psychic Tivon x9781 stars Chat Reading

Mmmm. Was detailed.


Psychic Declan x3301 stars Chat Reading

Alway pleasant to talk to him..... even if it’s bad news or good news.... lol. He’s great...


Psychic Michael x3472 stars Chat Reading

I hope what he said comes sooner than later ...


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Psychic Zetta x3611 stars Phone Reading

Not what I wanted to hear. But something I had to hear. Was amazing experience


Psychic Sterling x3270 stars Chat Reading

My phone kept on freezing but still freezing and all was still a great connection. Beautiful personality. He’s great.....


Psychic Sterling x3270 stars Chat Reading

He was sweet and very well connected... will go back for another read with him for sure


Psychic Tomas x8157 stars Phone Reading

Simply amazing.


Psychic Sasha x9183 stars Phone Reading

Amazing. Very fast answers and enough detail.