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Psychic Joy x7744 stars Phone Reading

Had an overview but very little detail. Did not seem like she tuned in well at all.


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Psychic Janax x7750 stars Phone Reading

Good, tuned in well. Did not get directly to my question and went over a lot of info I already knew and did not need to call about. Repeated self a few times too many. Wordy. Could have cut to the chase a lot quicker. But tuned in well.


Psychic Tajah x3127 stars Phone Reading

Did not feel a strong connection, but she was accurate on some aspects.


Psychic Vincent x9248 stars Phone Reading

Loved him. Tuned in well.


Psychic Pearl x7638 stars Phone Reading

Seemed to be on the mark with the things she picked up. I would have liked more detail, but she was in the ballpark of what we were dealing with. Not always right on the money. Waiting to see if her predictions are accurate, have 5 months to go to tell.


Psychic Analisa x8670 stars Phone Reading

No connection. Was not accurate for me. Might be better with another user, but for me, did not hit the notes.


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Psychic Seraphina x9023 stars Phone Reading

I didn't know how accurate she was. She read my POI current situation well. But her prediction was really different than any other intuitive I have spoken with. I felt like she read his current state of mind, but perhaps not his future mind or spirit guidance on it. I had to add more info than I like to give to make it make any sense. I would not read with her again, but she was kind, gentle, and gave what she saw with civility. Some of her answers seemed to be off the mark, and some seemed to be based a lot on where POI is now, not in future. Kind, caring, and nice.