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Psychic Narnia x7735 stars Chat Reading

Sorry I got cut off before I could say 'thank you' but your reading was much appreciated, Narnia! Fingers crossed that your prediction is accurate!


Psychic Chandi x7295 stars Phone Reading

Not for me.


Psychic Melody x7909 stars Phone Reading

I really enjoyed my reading with Melody - she was like a breath of fresh air at a time when I truly needed it. She had me cracking up when I've been doing nothing but crying for the past month. This is not to say that her reading was all sunshine and giggles - she definitely kept it real and gave me a timeline that I AM NOT happy about and basically told me a bunch of work that I need to do - but she also made a prediction that I will be keeping my fingers crossed on. I will definitely be calling back!


Psychic Janax x7750 stars Phone Reading

Very kind and helpful


Psychic Sammie x8496 stars Chat Reading

The real deal. Always on point.


Psychic Cerberus x8339 stars Phone Reading

Very cerebral and seems to have a very uncanny deep understanding of the situation. But perhaps even more importantly Cerberus is able to explain things in a way that bridges the gap between one persons perspective/way of thinking and your own which is invaluable. Thank you!!


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Psychic Charlie x3383 stars Phone Reading

I really enjoyed my reading with Charlie! As others have said - just be prepared to listen carefully and take notes because he goes fast and his accent makes it a bit hard to understand everything. I only told him my name and he just took off - he knew exactly why I was calling and totally described my situation. He gave great advice and a timeline for when I can expect what happens next although I unfortunately ran out of funds and got cut off before I could get the full details on that. Either way - totally worth the money - I will definitely be calling Charlie back!


Psychic Dharma x8113 stars Phone Reading

Always 5 star


Psychic Annaleigh x9812 stars Phone Reading

Annaleigh used to be a go to reader for me, but the connection just isn't there anymore.


Psychic Delfina x9724 stars Phone Reading

I love Delfina so so much!! She's truly gifted and such a joy to talk to! I honestly don't know how I'd make it through some of my crazy anxious moments with out her. Her predictions are on point and she truly sees what's going on... I'm so grateful for her patience with me.