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Psychic Abela x9518 stars Phone Reading

I was waiting until the end of the week to see if the work week prediction was on point. Unfortunately if was not, but I feel Abela was very nice and means well.


Psychic Dawn x9187 stars Phone Reading

This was a work reading, unfortunately it was not quite on point. Dawn is very pleasant to talk to and seems like a great person.


Psychic Ginger x3037 stars Chat Reading

Ginger is always very accurate. I love our communications, she's got great insight to my work related questions.


Psychic Mary Rose x7699 stars Phone Reading

Mary Rose helped me with my anxiety regarding my work week, and she was exactly on point with what was to come. I am so happy about this, and hope the month turns out as good as last week was. Thank you Mary Rose, many blessings


Psychic Angela x9978 stars Phone Reading

I'm having some stressful issues at work ,and I am receiving great insight to help me with them. Thank you so much for your help.


Psychic Ginger x3037 stars Chat Reading

Omg!!!! Thank you for your help with my work issues. I am still so overwhelmed by these accusations.


Psychic Alida x8101 stars Chat Reading

Work related and right on.


Psychic Ginger x3037 stars Chat Reading

Work related. Accurate.


Psychic Selene x8938 stars Phone Reading

Selene was very accurate with my reading, and that is comforting :as the reading was personal, and work related.


Psychic Mackenzie x9602 stars Chat Reading

Work related. accurate.