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Psychic Victoria x3357 stars Chat Reading

You are very gifted amazing star seed. You go way beyond this planet. I could talk to you for hours. It would feel like as if only 5 min passed. I can't thank you enough for all the information you gave me. And you are so sweet, so gentle, so comforting, it is great pleasure talking to you. You are my favorite, I'll keep coming back.


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Psychic Judy x7975 stars Phone Reading

She was so warm, so sweet, it was great pleasure just to hear her voice. I asked my soul purpose and any message from my dad, she was very very accurate about what she said about me and also about my dad. Thank you Judy :-)


Psychic Victoria x3357 stars Chat Reading

OH MY GOD! With capital letters!!! Months ago, again, out of blue, I found myself in intense spiritual thoughts and curiosity. I was feeling that there was more in this life time, a big chunk was still missing, felt like I was inches away to discover why I was here, but in the same time, I was miles away. I started to get more books from astrology to samurai meditation, self hypnosis, reading blogs and listening youtube videos about meditation and self hypnosis to discover my life purpose and why I was feeling this way. Then I said to myself, with this hectic life style, it will take 100 years to discover by myself. It's time to ask a professional. I remembered this website. I was looking for a very talented and well connected psychic who is specialized about starseeds, and hopefully Akashic records for life purpose and past lives. I didn't know if I was starseed, but I was suspicious. I read all the psychic's profiles in this website. I also looked at couple other psychic websites, too. It seems like this website is the best and Victoria seemed the best fit for my questions. She connected right away, was writing faster than I was reading. She gave me detailed info about my galactic family, what characteristics in me that I brought to this life time, my life purpose, even how they look like and message from them. She also gave me info how to connect them. Details were very specific and well categorized. Then I told her my fobias and asked her if she can see my past lives, which one is causing them. She told me how I died and helped me to clear it. I felt all my cells, as if they were little white balls right away. If you think because I wanted to believe, I have experience in the past, as if my body turned to only the energy, but never felt like cells were little white balls. Also for me to be in that state, in those days my life was smooth, not working, no worries, relaxed, some meditation work etc. Now my life is a chaos, and there is no away in seconds, I can feel as If I had no body and I was only energy. So, it was Her. I also felt happy and very light. The whole process took about 2-3 min, or I felt like that. Now, a lot of things make sense, my past experiences, even my education, my feelings, my thoughts,.... I have some homework to do and I put my thoughts together and prepare new questions to her. I'll call her again. It was an amazing experience. Although I didn't see her, even not hear her voice in this conversation, she was very friendly, it was very enjoyable conversation. Meanwhile I didn't know that after the chat, system asked me if I wanted the conversation to be emailed. I got it and I can read again and again :-) Countless time thank you, Victoria :-)


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Psychic Delfina x9724 stars Phone Reading

I know it's cliche, but Oh My GOD!!!!! I can't believe what I was hearing from her. I tried to take notes as much as I could do. Accuracy she has and the details she gave me, I'm in shock. In my whole life I've met countless psychics. But nobody told me anything about my aura and anything related with it. Delfina is very different, highly gifted. And so sweet, so gentle, I wish I could see her in person and say thank you. I'm very sorry I'm very new to this website, signed on today, so my minute was over and cut it. But I will call her again. Thank you Delfina