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Psychic Anthony x8064 stars Phone Reading

If you want to know what a tarot reading is truly meant to be like, get a reading with Anthony. An added blessing is that he lights a candle for those who call, and if you are are energy sensitive you will feel the flow of positive energy as it arrives to you. Blessings to you, Anthony!


Psychic Nina x3558 stars Phone Reading

The best.


Psychic Jenna x3604 stars Chat Reading

She's kind and mostly accurate but chats way too slow for the price.


Psychic Jenicka x9859 stars Phone Reading

Not a great connection. She tuned into someone interfering more than the person of interest. Not a great connection, but she's fast to response if you need that.


Psychic Renatta x4697 stars Phone Reading

She is very kind and compassionate. There was not enough clarity though. I don't like the types of readings where the reader asks you to interpret a sign or metaphor the reader is given.


Psychic Sabrina x3429 stars Phone Reading

Usually one of my favorite advisors due to her friendly tone and her detail, which can sometimes get more wordy than I want. This last reading left some vagueness and confusion. It also segued into a metaphysical lesson I didn't ask for instead of directly answering the question,. I wish advisors would ask whether we want advice or lessons. I personally understand what is behind it and can make decisions on my own. I just want the psychic information. A few things also didn't add up. I had to see through the filter of the advisor a few times to get to the actual psychic information I was calling for. I will try calling again, but please hold the advice and lessons. Respecting someone's free will choice by asking first is important.


Psychic Robbin x9341 stars Phone Reading

Robbin is amazing. She respects your time, is one of the fastest readers to tune into your situation, and she is understanding. Her dependability is appreciated, and her energy work is very effective. You can call her about anything and she will be there. She is kind, respectful, professional, accurate, and her ethics are on par. Be sure to place her on your favorites list if you have not already.


Psychic Robbin x9341 stars Phone Reading

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!


Psychic Phoenix x3629 stars Phone Reading

You were just what I needed today. Thank you.


Psychic Jae x3323 stars Phone Reading

Jae has a very special energy to her. She is quick, detailed and accurate. There is a clarity to her energy that is palpable and helps keep you calm, grounded, and trust in her guidance. She picked up quickly on the energy of several situations and everything helped to better understand everything very quickly. I love that she works without tools and I felt a centering energy was coming my way before I even called. She is very gifted and telepathic. An absolute professional.