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Psychic Radha x3490 stars Chat Reading

OMG Radha, this woman! bless her! tonight, i was drawn to another reading to seek clarity but seeing how my vibrations are not aligned. I prayed and ask my spirit guides who i shall seek for guidance, she was the one I saw, I felt a pull to her. She was very sweet and welcoming as we connected, as patient as kind. I was really glad to have met her today, when we spoke and she answered my questions. She was so in depth with her words and advice, Her words hit home and I wanted to talk to her as much as i can but our chat was cut so suddenly. She makes you feel like a friend. Thank you so much Radha for your time and for your guidance! I pray that we talk again soon. please stay safe and stay healthy! May the healing light bless you and forever shield you - Atalie


Psychic Isabella x9825 stars Chat Reading

Isabella was very patient with me and very straightforward, which i appreciated so much! She lays it out for you and answers the questions with kindness and genuineness. Her energy was welcoming and i knew she was the person i need to ask about my soulmate/DM/etc (so many labels !) I would love to come back and talk to her about the changes and updates on my love life. As well as for guidance in the matter, seek her out and let her hear your troubles :)


Psychic Venus x8854 stars Chat Reading

Venus is welcoming and kind once we connected, she was very patient and honest with what I need to hear. She did not sugar coat anything as it felt like I need to receive them, they all definitely resonated with me and would love to come back to tell her about the changes in my life. She broke down the dream I had with the one I was connected with and gave me insight into the symbolism in the dream I had and what it meant. I would recommend seeking her guidance, much love and light! (stay safe everyone)


Psychic Cynthia x8121 stars Chat Reading

Talking to Cynthia was easy and sweet, she delivered on what I asked but I wanted to ask more questions. Though due to lack of dollars in my account, I couldn't and my conversation was cut short. I want to come back to ask her more question to guide me a bit more, I honestly can't wait to see what the fall brings me... I still cannot process what she told me lol I am just very excited. Definitely will come back again!