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Psychic Abela x9518 stars Chat Reading

Very reliable reader. The longer I've been on here the shorter it gets. I have been connecting with Abela however - during my entire experience with PS. I've given up on many of the readers. Not her.


Psychic Ginger x3037 stars Chat Reading

I’ve been on this site for a couple years & recognize that nobody can be accurate on every issue every time. Some however have fallen short for months on end and in this/ my short list has whittled down to readers who provide insight with clarity. Ginger has been among a small number who have given me a different view about a POI I was reading on for the entire time I’ve been using PS that appears to most accurate. I’ve chosen her to navigate me thru a stressful period based on that experience and strongly would recommend her. I deeply appreciate follow up notes & this is often what propels me to continue with a reader because it simply creates an authentically caring relationship.


customer(s) found the following review helpful

Psychic Ginger x3037 stars Chat Reading

So grateful for the reads with you today. So much at once I know I presented you with a lot and deeply appreciate you’re navigating through them with me.


Psychic Akira x9543 stars Chat Reading

I've missed you so much but couldn't get back fast enough. I hope to catch you again soon. Every reading with you is notable. Every one. I was so hoping to get more once you said the baking or cooking - because I have been looking to focus more on a niche line of baked goods over meal prep. Is that then the lucrative path that will allow me to breathe? Soon? I know we didn't get a chance to get to the $ part details. Thanks for patience on A. It forever feels like it's always weeks away and it just doesn't feel finished - the energy is still there between us but i pay truly very little attention to him at the gym. The new man has brought me a lot of joy. I'm bummed we only got a few minutes. I miss you so much!


Psychic Pandoria x9806 stars Chat Reading

Loved her... answered my questions clearly and offered tools for me - all within a relatively short time. Thank you.


Psychic Emma x9334 stars Chat Reading

After readings into the thousands by now - Emma is one of the few left standing that I go back to. The one with the stick up his butt? I feel sad cuz it feels like it slipped away & I guess he remains too young to see it. I don't know if he will grow up but part of me is frustrated with myself that I didn't say something about the wishy washy way he treated me. Not in a mean spirited way - but in a hey please recognize your impact on others way. Meanwhile, my ex is a hot mess over this new man and def feels threatened. New man is AMAZING - hot , funny, kind .... currently broke. I do wonder if we stay together what would be ahead for us in terms of financial comfort. I am not leaving it to only him- i am praying that this certificate is the beginning of my leaping into a new era of financial abundance. I am exhausted of being drained and leaned on and stressed and buried in the storm my ex keeps putting us all through while i have my hands tied with young children. Last nite i dreamt of my wedding- a new one- and it was a ceremony to be held at 1:10. Today being 9/11 i wasn't sure if that was a connection. - or to individuals uniting (1+1 and 0 is a circle of life type thing?) Anyway- Emma thank you for sticking with me. Keeping the lines open is key and I appreciate you for sharing your energy with me. xoxo


Psychic Emma x9334 stars Chat Reading

Hey sweetness - know we kept cutting out toward the end and am trying to clarify the tail end of that reading. Love you xoxo


Psychic Akira x9543 stars Chat Reading

I know I threw a lot at you in a short amount of time. I am re-reading to make sure I understand it all lol. Thank you xoxo


Psychic April x3148 stars Chat Reading

April is very sweet and her reading made sense at the time however her first prediction didn’t come to pass and the second one is highly unlikely as she said my POI would ask me out in 10 days yet I learned he is still dating someone else and can’t see how that would come together. I’m deflated with this entire process at this point.


Psychic Venus x8854 stars Chat Reading

I have enjoyed reading with Venus yet in our last chat - for nearly 30 minutes which is the longest I have ever done one - I have read it over and I never seemed to get a concrete answer on anything. I recognize challenges arise answering about others yet as I re-read - it began to feel like perhaps these were more general responses because there was nothing to really measure accuracy on. I'm quite disheartened to have spent so much time with very little to fall back on with this reading.