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Psychic Declan x3301 stars Phone Reading

Predictions have not occured. I still think Declan is an exceptionally gifted empath.


Psychic Declan x3301 stars Phone Reading

Thank you.


Psychic Declan x3301 stars Phone Reading

Declan is the one I trust most on this site to give accurate readings. Declan is an extraordinarily good empath. I am so grateful for his gifts.


Psychic Helen x9883 stars Phone Reading

She's very good. We read over a year ago and unfortunately nothing happen in a timeframe as predicted. But I could tell she was picking up on my POI. This reading felt truer to me because I feel he will change his life very soon here too. She's an excellent empath.


Psychic Declan x3301 stars Phone Reading

Thanks Declan. You said my POI is very sad, and finely realizing what he has lost. You said he will rehab July(?), that he isn't thinking in terms of "us", but that he will get there when rehabbing. You think he is considering rehab now, I believe. You said he's smart. He is! He is so damn smart and crazy from the addiction. I so appreciate you, Declan!


Psychic Godiva x3406 stars Phone Reading

It was an interesting read. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I like Godiva and her energy. She said my POI would rehab in a while, and something about a "list". I'm assuming it's a wait list. Then she said he would rehab in weeks. She said he would talk to me fairly soon. I can't remember when she said exactly. She said he feels embarrassed and isn't going back to Malibu. Godiva said there would be a reunion and then said he wasn't going to the East Coast and that I wouldn't go to the West Coast. Thanks for you time and reading, Godiva.


Psychic Declan x3301 stars Phone Reading

Declan! It's always so great speaking with you. You're an amazing empath and feel that things are going to take a radical turn for the better regarding my POI and my biz-to-be, and I'm looking forward to the future. I'm confident I'll be a woman financially well off after I navigate all the logistical of my business, and hopefully I'll have the man of my dreams by my side too. If not, I'll get myself another hottie. But I think my POI is going to rehab and succeed this time. This will be his 2nd attempt and he's just too damn old for all this nonsense. I'm 45. He's 49. Leaving CA is what I had to do for the moment, but I miss my shiny life there and hope to recreate it again soon. I told him I would leave him alone for 30 days and while I know he doesn't enjoy my ciriticsm I actually feel he didn't want me to go because there were nice memories I brought up and reminded him that even if the drugs have robbed him of the memories of us, I still remember and when he feels better I'll tell him all about how he loved, cherished, and adored me. But I'm definately stay away 30 days because I said I would. I see a man going to rehab in July or Aug, you agreed. I discussed I was always available to help him navigate the paperwork for insurance, and I think that really got him thinking, as well as me telling him that Aug 2018 rehab stint was crushing for me to not see him succeed at it. I also mentioned doing rehab local to me, but that I didn't see it as a true option because if he didn't complete it he couldn't live with me. I think he's finally start to get it. He doesn't feel the embarrassment or shame that a sane person should feel for their actions such as his, bit as he sobers he will get there. The irony is when he finally feels it, I won't want him too because it will hinder his healing. Thanks Declan! You're the best!!!


Psychic Declan x3301 stars Phone Reading

Hi Declan, it was great speaking with you. My notes: You said he thinks of calling me but isn't sure if he wants to yell at me or cry. You agree with me that July or early Aug is his rehab time. That creature is on it's way out and enraged at him, but that just makes him shut down more. That his pretegious job is gone. You said he blames me for it but understands why I did it. I have not regrets in that one. While talking to you I have a vision that creature is screaming at him about me...good! You see a reunion for us. You still see my biz doing well, making good $ at the end of the year. You were kind in rationalizing my meltdown over my mother's atrocious living conditions. I told you her male companion is here 3 weeks, has major heart recovery issues, but is doing his best to help, and is very helpful. While he is here her behaviour towards me is kinder. I just need to get myself out of debt and the moment I do I'm outta here! Thanks for all, Declan. You're fantastic!


Psychic Ivy x9678 stars Phone Reading

Our talk was helpful. I woke up happy this am which is rare since I moved to the East Coast. You said it's very beneficial not to talk to him for 2 weeks. So I won't. So I feel good about that. My notes :You said he's "feisty" , going back and forth about believe in himself to get clean. He will rehab in summer, look for rehabs end of June, rehab in July. Communication in week and a half. Breaks up with creature 2nd week of May, ...tells creature they're done 2nd week of May, and that they are in the final break up process now. When I go to his energy, he seems very curious about me. And he seems to have a deeper understanding that I just want him to heal. You said the other guy I asked you about, the one I blocked is very check out of this, and the moment of ur call I agree, he was just all "ego". But I feel him quickly regretting that he pushed someone who liked him too far, and that it won't take 2 weeks for that to sink in. I'll unblock him in 2 weeks and see what happens. I want a hot guy to occupy my time until my POI gets better but this hottie may be too much., even for me to tolerate, as pretty as he is. Thanks Ivy, I'll call next week.


Psychic Ivy x9678 stars Phone Reading

I'm not sure what to think. You say his anger will eventually fuel him to sobriety. Thank you.