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Psychic Jade x4923 stars Phone Reading

Jade gave me great insight to my questions which will really help me move forward through a transitional phase. She showed me what areas I'm held back and what skills I have to move foward now. Very helpful.


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Psychic Yana x9104 stars Chat Reading

I think Yana has great insight and is highly accurate. I just think in our chat reading her typing and /or how she describes what she sees in writing was difficult for me to interpret many times during the reading.


Psychic Theo x4673 stars Phone Reading

I highly recommend a reading with Theo. He was incredibly accurate in reading the people and situation. It was amazing. Theo is very easy to talk to and he absolutely cares about helping people move forward in their highest good. What a fantastic reading.


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Psychic Faith x9292 stars Phone Reading

I completely enjoy my readings with Faith. She shares the information she receives with such kindness and calm. She’s very grounded. And there’s lots of wisdom in her insights. I recommend reading with Faith. She’s spectacular.


Psychic Primrose x4866 stars Phone Reading

I was amazed by how quickly and accurately Primrose knew information about the people I asked her about in this reading. Blew me away with her accuracy.


Psychic Chloe x4873 stars Phone Reading

So the questions I was asking Chloe are not easy to answer at all. I’ve been looking for the answers for at least a handful of months now. She was able to get some answers for me! Excellent insight!


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Psychic Audrey x4885 stars Phone Reading

Audrey is very accurate. And I had a blast talking to her. The information she told me definitely clarified things for me and will help me moving forward now.


Psychic Wanda x4867 stars Phone Reading

This was a really cool reading with Wanda. What an awesome experience. She gave me powerful insight into the person I asked her about in the reading. What I liked most is she was able to see something about me, a belief I have, which no one could know except me. It was thrilling to hear her recognize it and share how she sees it impacting my life. I really enjoyed my reading with Wanda and highly recommend her.


Psychic Valerie x3601 stars Chat Reading

I recommend a reading with Valerie. She is quick, insightful and super easy to follow. She has a flow that was easy, and she can move from one question to the next really easily. The reading was very conversational, more so than most which I enjoyed. And she was so accurate is was amazing.


Psychic Charlotte x4863 stars Chat Reading

When I connected with Charlotte, I hoped to get insight into a relationship. And, she definitely helped bringing clarity. Charlotte answered my questions very quickly and provided lots of helpful information in our chat reading. She was straight forward and direct. She gave me insight on options for next steps which I think will be very helpful to me.