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Psychic River x3648 stars Phone Reading

Y'all. River saw everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. I am shook. Excellent reading and thank you River for being direct and kind simultaneously. Incredible.


Psychic Mabel x3644 stars Phone Reading

Mabel is fantastic y'all. She tuned in immediately and knew very specific information about my situation. I did not give her anything other than names/birthdays and she just KNEW. She's honest too so it's a win in my book. Outstanding.


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Psychic Sharon x9452 stars Phone Reading

Sharon is very very accurate with the information she gleans from the cards. Picked up on the exact situation with names only. Also very honest and does not lead her clients on with false hope. Excellent reading. Thank you Sharon.


Psychic Holly x9605 stars Phone Reading

Whew! Holly slapped me around with the truth. Definitely needed to hear what she said. Thanks Holly.


Psychic Mabel x3644 stars Phone Reading

Mabel is GOOD y'all. Asked for names and DOBs, knew everything else. Things she couldn't have known based on the question I asked. Also told the truth. You know, the things we hope not to hear but need to hear y eah that. Thanks Mabel for the mind blowing reading.


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Psychic Holly x9605 stars Phone Reading

This lady accurately predicted a time of contact that I was certain wasn't going to happen. Her abilities are astounding and she will be gentle with you when what she sees isn't what you hope for. Trust her because she will only tell you what she sees from spirit and cares about her clients. Thank you Holly.


Psychic Stella x7343 stars Phone Reading

Stella will tell you how it is and provides tough love in the most positive way. She doesn't tell you what she can't see. She's honest and legitimately gifted. She told me I would be hearing from someone soon and she was absol correct. Trust me there are maybe 3-4 readers on here I trust and have reviewed positive and she's one of them.


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Psychic Irena x8086 stars Phone Reading

I've been speaking to Irena going on 3 years now. She said she saw the number 4 for when there would be movement. Sure enough, movement 4 days later. This isn't the first time she's correctly seen a number representative of a timeframe. She's also honest and will give it to you straight, good or bad. I know not every advisor is for everyone, but she and I connect like no other. I've scoured reviews of other advisors where people have tremendous accuracy and when I try, there's not as much of a connection, if any. There's just no need to look any further when you find a good connection with a specific advisor. Thanks Irena!


Psychic Carla x7682 stars Phone Reading

Carla is a real psychic y'all. Characteristics of a good psychic are: 1. Needing little information from the client 2. Connecting quickly 3. Honest with compassion 4. Knowing the answer to the client's question Carla is all of these qualities, in addition to being hilarious as well. Thanks for everything Carla.


Psychic Carla x7682 stars Phone Reading

This lady doesn't want any extra info. Carla is legit. Knew about my history with POI. Made an accurate prediction. Also keeps it real which is most important to me. Thank you Carla.