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Psychic Skyler x9090 stars Phone Reading

The wonderful energy Skyler sends your way makes your day. She was spot on with the reading and non judgemental and truly helped me get past the block I had with great advise - will be back! One of my best readings hands down!


Psychic Clarice x9368 stars Phone Reading

Clarice was awesome, no judgement, confirmed all that I was feeling and intuiting, gave me insights I needed and some suggestions on what to do to stay positive. I highly recommend Clarice and will definitely be coming back! I love that she did not use she is really naturally gifted!


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Psychic Jenicka x9859 stars Phone Reading

No judging, supportive, right on the money, she read the person I was asking about perfectly, very credible, highly recommend Jenicka and thank her for the peace of mind I so desperatly needed


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Psychic Rachelle x9814 stars Phone Reading

Rachelle was helpful and our reading gave me hope when I really needed it! I am coming back for more readings most definitely! I highly recommend Rachelle! THANK YOU!


Psychic Abigail x9710 stars Phone Reading

Abigale was so in tune with the situation I needed help understanding. She gave me some insight I hadn't thought about that helped me through a low point. I highly recommend Abigail and will refer my friends to her as well. I liked that she tunes into spirit guides and doesn't use tarot cards.


Psychic Dove x9988 stars Phone Reading

Highly recommend Dove, she doesn't judge, she gives you sound advise, and she gives an honest reading, when she tells you something you may not want to hear, she tells it to you in a way you can digest it, and you definitely need to hear it.


Psychic Pandoria x9806 stars Phone Reading

Pandoria, while knowing nothing but names and birthdays, pegged the two people I brought up to a T. She was not judgemental in any way, she was frank but also made sure I understood what she saw and felt and she followed up which is hugely rare. High High recommendation for Pandoria!


Psychic Christopher x3373 stars Phone Reading

Christopher hit the nail on the head! He is non judgmental and gave me insight I needed to understand my situation better! Right to the point! Coming back


Psychic Shandra x8225 stars Phone Reading

She did not judge, and gave me great insight into past lives with the person I asked about, really hit the nail on the head, she understands so much, her insight was amazing, highly recommend Shandra, looking forward to getting another reading from Shandra as she is so dialed in! Really helped me out of my funk, I owe her a lot!


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Psychic Pearl x7638 stars Phone Reading

Pearl knew what I needed to hear and her prediction came true, I did hear from the person I was wanting to hear from in spades, gave me a new perspective I think will help