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Psychic Declan x3301 stars Phone Reading

Awesome reader, as always! Asked him about some work and relationship issues, he was spot on the situations. I trust his reading and respect his opinions. Talking to him is just like talking to a friend. He is intuitive and a confindent reader.


Psychic Sapphire x3149 stars Phone Reading

Feeling "at home" talking to her. Sharing a lot of insights and things i didn't share. Answered every of my questions. She definitely can feel my BF 's energy. Experienced reader. Thank you Sapphire !


Psychic Declan x3301 stars Phone Reading

Its always great talking to you, Declan. Thank you for your insight & reading.


Psychic Bella Skye x8262 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for all your insight. I trust your reading. Love you !


Psychic Gabrielle x3503 stars Phone Reading

She can tune into my boyfriend's feeling, and he showed his feeling to me exactly what she described the following days. She has a heart of gold, genuine wants to help me. She is intuitive, quick to pick up my situation. I trust her reading. I love talking to her.


Psychic Melaina x9738 stars Chat Reading

I come to her because she is right all the times. I came to her for a short question about my BF. As always I walked away feeling relief, knowing what to expect out from my BF next.


Psychic Vincent x9248 stars Chat Reading

Good chatting with Vincent. He picked up things really quickly. He is always so calm and honest in his reading. :)


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Psychic Bella Skye x8262 stars Phone Reading

You are best of best. You didn't say things i like to hear, but everything you said was true to my knowledge. You told me things that happened last few weeks that was true, and what this person is feeling right now that really help me to understand the situation. You are an experience reader. Thank you for everything !


Psychic Anja x8147 stars Chat Reading

Anja is an AMAZING reader. Its hard to get her, she has a long waiting clients, but its worth my time and $$. She is in tune to my BF & circumstances. She told me things that i didn't tell her, that confirmed the situation I am in. I haven't talked to her for a while (due to financial difficulties) she could feel me and picked up my background. She is also kind and easy to work with. She is experienced reader and I trust her reading ! My all time favorite ~ oxox


Psychic Camilla x3653 stars Chat Reading

No connection.