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Psychic Noah x9084 stars Phone Reading

A very calm, wise reader. He told me a lot of details of the situation and my lover. Enjoy my reading with him, will return for sure !


Psychic Bella Skye x8262 stars Phone Reading

She provided me many detail information on the person and situations. She told me L is not well, next day, L told me he is sick since yesterday. Thanks for helping me, Bella, I love our conversations. Chat later -


Psychic Declan x3301 stars Phone Reading

Insightful reading. Thank you.


Psychic Athena x9749 stars Phone Reading

She has a heart of Gold. I took every advice she gave me. Love her so much ~


Psychic Athena x9749 stars Phone Reading

Can't wait to talk to her each time. She is detailed, confident, like a mentor to me. I love you so much !! :D


Psychic Sammie x8496 stars Phone Reading

She can picked up the situation, my lover's thoughts and explained in such a clear way. She is wise, non-judgmental, understanding. I just added her in my favorite list.


Psychic Athena x9749 stars Phone Reading

She can picked up my lover's energy and his home situation. She is wise and can see deeper than the surface .. I love her sweet spirit.. love talking to her ! :D


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Psychic Anja x8147 stars Chat Reading

Her February prediction with my love life came thru ! I never expect anyone do a perfect score, she is so close to that. I would wait for her Chat minute by minute, sometimes day after another.. and is totally worth it! She focus right to the issue, didn't waste any minute. She knew how I felt in this complex relationship, always end our chat with a nice note. Thanks, Anja ! Chat soon.. :D


Psychic Anja x8147 stars Chat Reading

So glad to get Anja tonight, is worth waiting. She picked up a lot about the situation within few mins. Always good.


Psychic Clarity x9083 stars Chat Reading

I trust her reading since day 1. She read before I could write. She answered before my question. I was amazed by her intuitive connection toward the sticky situation, people involved and my lover. She is non-judgmental, truly respect me as I am. oxox