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Psychic Melaina x9738 stars Chat Reading

I find Melaina to be super honest. I feel her sincerity and I truly appreciate her descriptive her readings are. She can sometimes take a while but she writes everything in a nice conclusive paragraph that sometimes that’s all you need. She usually answers all my questions in just one paragraph that’s extremely detailed. Thank you!


Psychic Amanda x9695 stars Chat Reading

I really appreciate how she always remembers me and is always so positive. I’m sure I’ve chatted with her like 20 times asking the same thing but she’s always nice about it. I was supposed to have a meeting with my POI and she said it would be rescheduled or delayed and she was right it was. I hope the rest of her predictions pan out.


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Psychic Jenna x3604 stars Chat Reading

There’s something about Jenna that exudes sincerity and honesty. She provides literally so much detail so quickly. Whenever I really want to know what’s going on, she’s the person I go to. Predictions haven’t panned out yet but she doesn’t falter from them so I trust that they will. I really do think she is one of the ethical ones.


Psychic Marlaina x3430 stars Chat Reading

I really like how honest I feel she is. Her predictions never falter and I feel a lot of sincerity from her. I will update more stars when predictions come to pass.


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Psychic Nina x3558 stars Chat Reading

She always sticks with her predictions but I sometimes feel like she’s not always reading my person correctly. One reading he is still in his relationship and the other he isn’t when I know he is. These readings are often only like a week apart. Her timing is always drastically different and nothing has panned out as of yet. She is nice though. She offered to send me an email with article on how to manifest but I didn’t get it either.


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Psychic Juliette x9440 stars Chat Reading

I’m torn about Juliette, I feel like sometimes she sounds accurate and sometimes she doesn’t. I’ve been reading with her for years about different situations and nothing has yet come to pass yet she speaks a lot about destiny and things to be fated.


Psychic Seraphina x9023 stars Chat Reading

So far her readings are okay, but one thing


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Psychic Sammie x8496 stars Chat Reading

I think she’s pretty good. I really appreciate that her readings really feel like a timeline. Before the new year, she described me poi wouldn’t make any movement until after 2021 and she was right. She was consistent on that and now after 2021 she is starting to see movement. I will update more stars if it comes to fruition but I will continue to read with her.


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Psychic Delfina x9724 stars Chat Reading

She doesn’t falter from her predictions but I’ve read with her 6 times and unfortunately nothing has come true for me. I wish I had the same luck as the people who reviewed before me. She kept saying my POI ended his 3rd party relationship and single but this is not the case. Sometimes I wish she would provide more detail as well. She is nice though


Psychic Roxanne x3051 stars Chat Reading

I really like her. For some reason, it took a while for her to grow on me because the things she said I’m not sure made sense about a POI of mine. However, it does sound like it’s starting to make sense. I had to take my state nursing exam and I wasn’t sure I was going to pass it but she brought it up before I did. I was calling about my POI when she told me I would be celebrating a milestone and I asked about the exam and she said I would do great. Well, I left thinking the exam thinking I bombed and I got my results and I passed!! I hope the things she says about myself POI come true as well.