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Psychic Michael x3472 stars Phone Reading

Michael, my sincere apologies for cutting you off so many times. I knew how fast 9:45 minutes can go and you were so detailed and i had a couple of questions i wanted answered...I was impressed that your insight picked up the "divine connection" and M had left me hanging with no explanation...I had asked for a sign one night this week with M's last name as the criteria and within an hour on tv his last name (without an "s" and with "ful") was spoken 7 times and nickname 2 God continue to bless you with your gift and i shall contact you again to tease you..


Psychic Thalia x3344 stars Phone Reading

thank you


Psychic Zara x3365 stars Phone Reading

Zara was "on fire"


Psychic Magick Tami x7275 stars Phone Reading

Fastest reading and connection i have ever had on this site..predictions have never happened for me with anyone..maybe this time with Magic Tami (it was my first reading with her)...such a warm soul...I did not want to get off the phone


Psychic Emma x9334 stars Phone Reading

Emma: you were the ONLY Advisor that brought up this person whom I previously considered a very close Friend, before she humiliated me in front of people she was wanted to impress, by belittling me....I have forgiven her but she knows, that although I am cordial in her presence, we will never be friends (?) again.She played off the multiple incidences as "joking". I pray that she will go back to getting therapy, again....Predictions (by others) for my life has never manifested,,,however I will be hopeful in what you said.....After our conversation, my healing has begun re: her and former matter what does/does not occur in the next 90 days, I thank you and believe in your gift of insight. You are now my #1 Advisor and will contact you in early 2020


Psychic Thalia x3344 stars Phone Reading

11/13: Thalia, it's time to lick my wounds and learn from this bitter experience, it's not going to happen... no matter how much spiritual connection I feel...thanks for the readings and God bless


Psychic Lily x7782 stars Phone Reading

First reading with Lily earlier in month, a very bold prediction was given...this call was a follow-up to confirm...she stood by her prediction without will be three years next month since he broke off contact without warning or explanation and refuses to acknowledge my existence


Psychic Lily x7782 stars Phone Reading

Speaking to you brought peace and joy to my soul,,,,my spiritual connection to "M" seems to be intensifying after our conversation..God Bless You in your journey


Psychic Zara x3365 stars Phone Reading

11/13: Zara, nothing has manifested in October or November (this week), time to lick my wounds, learn from the experience of unrequited love and move on in life...maybe he was an appetizer or my one and only chance..many blessings to you and thanks..


Psychic Thalia x3344 stars Phone Reading

Thalia: my career was in finance and therefore, i am budget driven..the highest compliment to you is that you are now in my monthly"foolish is the man that suffers in thirst, while his prayers for water are answered, fore he fears tomorrow" (this was in one of my emails to M, sent last year)