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Psychic Vincent x9248 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for your sage advice- you are consistent and direct. Patience is the key.


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Psychic Vincent x9248 stars Phone Reading

Vincent-I am thankful for your guidance. We got cut off, but I heard your three points and understood them. My first intuition was to be silent; then by the time I called you I got myself "worked up" and I wanted to say something - voice my frustration. Thank you for grounding me. I appreciate your consistency and honesty.


Psychic Ginger x3037 stars Chat Reading

Ginger- You were right on the mark as far as my POI in reference to his work situation. You called it in the beginning of December and it played out the way you said it would. Thank you for being honest about not trusting his feelings impacting his actions - you are correct he is quite stubborn and avoids seeing me because he does not want his feelings impacting his actions. The comparison with Pride and Prejudice was appropriate. I watched the movie the night before calling you; I think not a coincidence. The psychological comparison between my POI and Darcy was on spot; the fact your cards showed that was validating. I rewatched the movie after our conversation to pick up the similarities you pointed out-you were correct! Thank you for your guidance and support!! Definitely recommend others to contact you - your guidance and read on the situation are on target.


Psychic Melaina x9738 stars Chat Reading

Thank you for validating my intuition. You were pinpoint regarding the situation.


Psychic Rowan x3571 stars Phone Reading

Rowan- you connected with the situation so well. You were direct but compassionate-I appreciate it. You gave me the various paths and the potential outcomes. I will let you know how it goes - thank you.


Psychic Vincent x9248 stars Phone Reading

Vincent- you tied to my situation very well. Your guidance and reading of the situation is consistent-and very wise.


Psychic Ginger x3037 stars Phone Reading

Thank you, Ginger for very reading and digging down into the details of the situation--which are very complex. It requires me to be "the strong one". Relationships aren't consistently 50/50 -- sometimes in order for them to work one person has to be willing to carry the load. That is what I got through the message. But in the end, both of us will grow and be stronger no matter the outcome. I just have to be loving but firm in my approach, respecting my boundaries. My anger is what is the block; the universe was protecting me... and him, for that matter by delaying our meeting. My writing is where I need to channel my anger. "Price to have to pay" applies to both of us; we are just paying in different ways ---similar but different.


Psychic Donovan x8351 stars Phone Reading

Donovan- you are very intune to my very complex situation and you read my POI quite well. Thank you for the guidance....I will be following it!!


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Psychic Holly x9605 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Holly for reading my situation. You were spot on. I will follow up when predictions and timing come to fruition; historically, you have been correct.


Psychic Stasch x9303 stars Chat Reading

Stasch- I understand now what you were saying by " Your love is keeping it alive... That is sometimes all that is needed to keep a great love alive and well now." Sometimes one person has to carry the weight temporarily for the relationship to thrive. This is my lesson in this journey. Thank you.