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Psychic Adan x3018 stars Chat Reading

Did not pick up on my energy at all.


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Psychic Daniela x9496 stars Chat Reading

I don't like leaving reviews. I tend to really avoid them for some reason. Daniela had a way of connecting with me that calmed my soul almost immediately. We did talk about the future and what that looks like for me. She connected well with a past love and was answering my questions before I even sent them. She's kind and sweet but honest and direct. Her responses were quick on chat and she answers all questions regardless if you've finished typing them out. Don't let her lower price fool you, she's worth more than any of us could pay.


Psychic Susannah x8228 stars Phone Reading

I had an unnerving experience with a tarot reading done incorrectly. I immediately found it in my heart to call Susannah for peace. She gave me so much peace and clarity from our conversation. She stays true to what she says in the past and is a wonderfully calming soul. Thank you Susannah!!