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Psychic Grace x3494 stars Chat Reading

very very good!


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Psychic Christopher x3373 stars Chat Reading

I didn't follow his advice (wait just for a week without contacting, then he would reach out) because the situation was bothering me and I didn't want to waste more time/energy on that any more. Still, I think his prediction would have been right if I had waited -- that's what I felt after a direct/honest conversation with my poi. Also, the conversation verified that Christopher was accurate about everything he described about the situation. As a result, I'm happy. :)


Psychic Layla x3614 stars Chat Reading

I directly talked to my poi when I felt clear about what I wanted, without following psychic advices of giving him some time or waiting. (I think he would have reached out to me if I waited for another week, though). I can say that what Layla said was all accurate except only one thing. He is not dating the woman. But even for this one, her initial readings were all correct. Regardless of the accuracy, I would have appreciated the readings. But, I'm amazed. It is not that I was trusting all she said would be true (although I trusted they were what she truly saw/feel). Regardless, she allowed me to see the situation from a different angle/perspective. I was very confused because in my eyes he was a good/honest person but what he did/said didn't seem like that. I was about to interpret things negatively. But Layla showed me another way of understanding the situation and him, and it kept me from making a hasty conclusion/decision. The conversation with him verified that what she saw was accurate.


Psychic Layla x3614 stars Chat Reading

I liked talking to her. I don't know whether what she predicts will come to pass or not. But, I felt what she told me about the past and the present make sense. In addition, she was able to give me information at a level I wanted.


Psychic Kimberle x8608 stars Chat Reading

Thank you so much. I couldn't talk more because of my limited fund, but the conversation with you today was very helpful. I am going to review our conversation, and think more about what I need to do, what I want to do, and what I fear. Thank you for sharing what you see with me.


Psychic Merci x7794 stars Chat Reading

wanted to talk more... but no fund.. :( couldn't say thank you very much. Thank you very much for your info!


Psychic Josie x9448 stars Chat Reading

Sorry, I got disconnected again, and cannot talk any longer right now because I have an appointment with my dentist in 18 minutes... but I want to talk again later. Thank you very much!


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Psychic Bridgette x8133 stars Chat Reading

Previously, what you told me came to pass although it took long time (you never gave me a timeline prediction), but today you gave me a timeline, so I was quite surprised. I take it as maybe the energy looks stronger to you at this point. I wanted to hear what you were going to say more, but got disconnected (low fund). I couldn't even say thank you. Thank you very much! I will talk to you later.


Psychic Kimberle x8608 stars Chat Reading

Thank you very much!! Impressive!! and also, your words very helpful for me. :) (didn't have time to say thank you.)


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Psychic Stella x7343 stars Chat Reading

I hope that you could feel my heart. My questions about your gift were not from doubting or any negative things. I was feeling really grateful, and they were out of pure curiosity. and I do believe things that cannot be explained,.. (since I do sometimes dream about things that come true.) Thank you for your messages today as well. :) Have a beautiful night!