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Psychic Alida x8101 stars Chat Reading

I have to say Alida has been straight forward and predicted the break up over a year ago. She feels the others feelings without giving information. She is not detailed but when you need the now or big things she is correct. She doesn’t give you timelines but honestly those keep get pushed forward. I feel I manipulated the situation but like what came in my head “a quote” is true. I will be patient and wait but move forward also. Still no certainties but hope. I feel she sees a connection but a long time for now. I am in no hurry now. Thanks


Psychic Lexi x8036 stars Phone Reading

Lexi feels the real deal but even more she is honest and guides you to make a choice. I told her all my concerns with myself and was very transparent she was comforting and was very informative on how readings work. I get impatient and frustrated but she explained regarding how my POI is very resisted and of course there is free will. She neve changed her stance but also knows that it is my choice to move on. She did ask I wait till the end of the month. She sees the POI coming forward. Bottom line things may not come to fruition because of free will and choices. We are responsible for our own choices. I felt very comforted and respected. Lexi is a true professional and will tell you the truth of what she sees. Remember though even through gifts they can not know everything and in the end the choice is yours. I am very happy to have met Lexi and some other fantastic psychics here . Thank you for lifting me up during my journey.


Psychic Mackenzie x9602 stars Chat Reading

Thanks so much for your support and help Mackenzie:). You have been there through the past three years. Tough times but you were right the first time and even though a struggle, we will see this time. You are not specific but accurate and a motivator. I feel this journey has taught me so much. I see how I was so willing to do most anything in fear love would run away the past 33 years & how I allowed folks to treat me poorly. I don’t want that anymore! I need to expect the love and kindness I deserve. I am pretty much old adult age but I have many blessings in my life. I think I have almost completed my life lesson, but you have held my hand. - love to you!


Psychic Elijah x8233 stars Phone Reading

Excellent. He gave me short term advice. He felt the POI and knew his characteristics without me saying anything. Knew also a longer term result but made it apparent very similar to others the POI just not ready. I do understand and will just let it be for awhile. Bit of rocky road but I need to remember my worth and walk away and or wait out the rollercoaster. Pegged the POI and I. Thank you for the advice:). First time calling


Psychic Vincent x9248 stars Chat Reading

Too funny like Vincent stayed I overthink. He seems to think long term. He is correct about one of the roadblocks and confirmed by another. Ok I enjoy Vincent’s funny but honest approach. Thanks


Psychic Amy x7886 stars Chat Reading

She was spot on and what really stood out was the correct timing & an expression she said, “like a night and day” situation! Thanks Amy. I was a bit in shock.


Psychic Serenity x9213 stars Phone Reading

I felt very at ease and she really read the POI energy fast and funny but validated what I felt and heard from others re a particular person without me asking. She was accurate and reliable. Worth it! Thank you:)


Psychic Cynthia x8121 stars Chat Reading

She was great & on point. Still waiting for the “not super invested” relationship to end .


Psychic Abela x9518 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Abela:). Always sweet and helpful. Good read and accurate.


Psychic Abela x9518 stars Chat Reading

Great read and I can see the POI being exhausted and all. She admitted not sure about others. Most everyone sees conflict around the POI and other so I can see that . Just no proof. She is right that he didn’t worry about me being upset about things. He needed to do work.