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Psychic Grace x3494 stars Chat Reading

I did a chat reading with Grace and she connected quickly answering my questions and offering advice. Thank you.


Psychic Amelia x9227 stars Phone Reading

Wonderful reading. She was very connected to my energy and I believe she is correct in my poi’s feelings. I hope her timeframe is correct because I’ve been waiting for a long time. Thank you


Psychic Marlaina x3430 stars Phone Reading

Marla is tuned in immediately. Very down to earth grounded and connected reading. Thank you so much. Definitely recommend xo


Psychic Kittie x3602 stars Phone Reading

Kittie connected to my energy and right away. I believe she was in tune w my poi also. Very grounded and pleasant reading. Thank you


Psychic Gaia x3559 stars Phone Reading

My reading was so uplifting and positive. Gaia tuned in and guided my through my unanswered questions. I pray all the things she said are true and come true. My connection with my poi feels so strong it must be true. Thank you Gaia


Psychic Cheyenne x7505 stars Phone Reading

Very sweet and described my poi accurately. I hope her predictions are correct


Psychic Clarice x9368 stars Phone Reading

Although I’d like to know we are going to be together and things will work out perfectly. She tuned in right away. Clarice was accurate in his description and his feelings seemed right on point. I just want him to be ready for someone serious and move forward with me.


Psychic Mary Rose x7699 stars Phone Reading

Mary Rose is very sweet and down to earth. She connected right away and I felt very comfortable speaking with her. I felt like she was able to tune in to my poi easily. Thank you xo


Psychic Shandra x8225 stars Phone Reading

Wise and kind. She definitely was able to connect and tune in. I would call her again for advice. She spoke to my heart and soul. xo


Psychic Jae x3323 stars Phone Reading

Absolutely one of the best readings I’ve had. Jae is very sweet and kind and grounded. I felt like I was talking to a close friend or sister. She just knew things and told me not to give up. Her tone is so comforting. I feel so at peace with what she shared with me. I know my poi has feelings for me and is attracted to me. I just need to have faith. Thank you so much Jae xo