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Psychic Faustina x3209 stars Chat Reading

i was a bit of a wreck lately in worry about a situation. faustina has been a reader ive used for years who has great insight. she stuck to what she saw the problem was in the current situation and she was correct as it has just unfolded - he reached out, and there was a problem with other toxic people involved as you had mentioned. almost exactly that. well done for another great reading with your gifts.


Psychic Akasha x4864 stars Chat Reading

lovely sweet reader, really tries to get to the bottom of the matter. i felt her honesty and interest in the situation. i was a bit of a wreck worried about it but she stayed true to what she saw even though it didn't make sense. you were right akasha! he just reached out and the issues were along the lines of what you said. truly appreciate this advice xx


Psychic Sammie x8496 stars Chat Reading

i've bothered sammie with all my love related questions for years, especially now. and most of the time she has been spot on with how she sees a situation. it's harder to get minute details but the overall picture generally i feel she gets right. sammie you were right, he reached out, the issue was not with me. and all is good


Psychic Pippa x4679 stars Chat Reading

pippa was lovely, very sweet and caring. but giving 3 stars because the assessment of the situation was incorrect. she read the person in question in a negative way, stating things that didn't really seem that accurate but i was open to hearing and possibly believing it was the truth. when i relayed the situation i know it sounded weird, and even bad, but thats what the general person would say based on the facts but the reality of what actually happened in my situation was just revealed to me today and the person in question was not the negative person that was portrayed in the reading thankfully. the reality was a lot better, which im glad of course because the reading was a bit worrying. but like i said pippa herself seemed very sweet and im sure did care but i have to rate on accuracy


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Psychic Tivon x9781 stars Chat Reading

i've read with tivon over the years and lately about a pressing matter to me. she got it totally spot on! you were right tivon, he reached out and the issue was not due to me at all but a dramatic situation that occurred around him / he got involved with. so she read the situation extremely accurately, not only about this matter but others too. she always remembers me and my story, even after long periods of not talking. lovely lady and very patient in recent days to put up with my worries!


Psychic Keanu x3600 stars Chat Reading

keanu was great. not totally spot on now that i know the reality of the situation i was asking for. but very close. some things he mentioned im not sure if they actually did - to my knowledge. but at the time of coming to him i was very confused by a situation. the general view of what he saw had happened i now know to be correct. and most people would not have guessed what he did because on the surface it looked like something very different may have happened so well done to him for seeing the reality and being s trusted advisor. he said that it would be sorted out within x numbers of days (happened within a sooner time frame) and it did, and that the issue was not due to me at all which was also correct. he did mention another factor which may have been correct or maybe this is just something i can not verify. overall i think he is great


Psychic Avery x3538 stars Chat Reading

Avery was very kind and understanding, I felt her genuine care and support. She quickly tuned in with information and performed a healing and then gave me details of what happened for her and what she noticed during the healing which was very interesting


Psychic Hazel x3632 stars Chat Reading

Hazel is lovely and seemed to tap in very accurately to my situation. She suggested I do something now rather than later, and i was hesitant about it but i did and it turned out positive as she had sensed and so i'm glad i did. it's hard to review on things mentioned that i can't yet verify, as we now only have a short time to review after a reading, but from what i've seen i sense i can trust in her abilities. thanks so much for your kindness, im sure i will continue to ask for some guidance X


Psychic Mackenzie x9602 stars Chat Reading

I don't usually review readings. but I wanted to get a message to the wonderful uplifting Mackenzie. the reading was totally unexpected, so high energy and so much love felt from you. so high energy that I lost this question of yours which was to know why I chose you because that would give some insight into something. I chose you because you looked genuine and loving and friendly and empathetic. someone similar to me maybe, open minded and I felt like what you would say would be positive.


Psychic Barbara x7866 stars Chat Reading

So sorry Barb, my minutes ran out. much love to you xx