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Psychic Leota x3587 stars Phone Reading

Leota is very quick and won't waste your time. Have your ?s ready before calling. She is very much like talking to an old friend and so kind. Pleasant and yet tells it like it is. I felt she summed up the situations very accurately. She listens well and gets to the point fast. We'll see on timing and future projections, but I'd call her again. Shes a delight and unquestionably gifted.


Psychic Misty x7330 stars Phone Reading

Misty is a wonderful advisor who is easy to talk with. She is highly gifted, picking up on my POI personality instantly. I told her nothing. She told me things I didn't know. I hope her information comes true and if it does, I'll be back to acknowledge it! She's very wise, compassionate, and well worth your time.


Psychic Seraphina x9023 stars Phone Reading

I've had several readings with Seraphina and I highly recommend her. She is truly gifted and equally important a compassionate, wise person. She gives you information directly from spirit and does so quickly. There is no doubt she was able to connect with my parents, as their personalities were unmistakable and there was no way she could have known about their particular sayings or favorite phrasing, in advance. It gave me the chills and at the same time. I was incredibly in awe and comforted that my folks were still around me, looking out for me. It felt great to hear from them and get their advice. It was priceless. Her information re: my crush was also right on target. Again, there was a sense of genuine spirit contact, compassion and caring. The information she gave me about him, was not anything I'd heard before and gave me great comfort. I had no idea he was doubting that I'd want him to ask me out. Shows you that a person cannot always read another's anxiety and fears, as most of us are wearing our social masks. The information she shared with me was really helpful and I didn't want to have to end the call. She's worth as much time as you'll give her, but be sure to maximize your time by having your questions written out in advance. One of the best psychics I've ever spoken to and very friendly and easy to talk with.


Psychic Amelia x9227 stars Phone Reading

Excellent! I would definitely choose Amelia again. This was my first time talking with her. She is on point, kind. Quickly was in tune with me and my situation. She was positive, helpful, and able to answer all my questions fast and with obvious psychic skill and wisdom. I am so glad I found her and reached out. She is a jewel of a person.


Psychic Lily x7782 stars Phone Reading

Lily is a delight to talk with and a highly skilled medium. She quickly tuned into my situation and gave me answers that only spirit would know. She makes the reading a joy with her humor, even when I was crying. Thank you Lily for uplifting me and giving me hope. This was my first reading with her and I will definitely call her again. 5 stars! I look forward to seeing if predictions come true, but I also understand we have free will and that can change things, too.


Psychic Mazie x7124 stars Phone Reading

Mazie is incredibly gifted and won't waste your time. She is kind, supportive, and will amaze you with her psychic abilities. She brought me great peace and relief to hear from my deceased parents. She had information she could not have accessed without being able to communicate with spirit. She is one of the best psychics I've ever spoken with. Call her and prepare to be delighted and relieved. Thank you Mazie. I'll be calling again.


Psychic Salem x4774 stars Phone Reading

Right away I felt a good connection with Salem. She is very kind and compassionate and easy to talk to. She is awesome in her ability to pick up information quickly from spirit and share it with you. She doesn't waste time getting off track and stays with your question, giving your concerns her full attention. She is refreshingly present and just seems like the kind of person you would like to spend time with, like a good friend. She gives you plenty of time to speak and does not talk over you or take over direction of conversation. It was so nice to be heard! I'm so grateful for my reading with her. She left me feeling much more hopeful, encouraged, and lightened my spirit. I can't wait to talk to her again. Thank you Salem. Blessings to you.


Psychic Kay x7102 stars Phone Reading

I had a reading with Kaye this evening and I really liked her energy. She is calm, listens well and very supportive. Her insight into my situation tells me she is truly a gifted psychic medium and her advice is mature and sound. She gave me some predictions, which I hope to come true, but will have to wait and see. She is like talking to a very good friend and yet, she is clearly blessed with an advanced ability to see into a situation and people. She described one of my friends quite well and offered highly valuable insight into her thoughts. I will definitely call her again in the future. It was a pleasure talking with Kay


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Psychic Sasha x9183 stars Phone Reading

I had a reading with Sasha tonight for the first time. She is quick, seems very gifted and spot on in terms of her ability to grasp my situation. It feels so good to be validated. She is very supportive and kind and I definitely recommend her. She gave me some predictions, not timelines, which is fine. I'm happy just to get a some answers as to my future. She seems genuine.


Psychic Tillie x4807 stars Phone Reading

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tillie. She is a very compassionate and wise reader. She is quick to the point and picks up on people and their energies readily. It remains to be seen how my situation turns out, but I have a strong sense that Tillie is truly gifted and knows what she is talking about. I highly recommend her. She will not waste your time and provides valuable insights.