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Psychic Janax x7750 stars Phone Reading

Janax is incredibly gifted, insightful and wise in her reading with me. She has a terrific energy and spirit. What she had to say about a man I don't understand, really helped me gain a different perspective on him. That was worth the reading, in and of itself, but she went above and beyond to help me during a difficult time and for that I am truly grateful. I do not think she is about telling you what you want to hear, but what is really going on the good and the bad. I liked that a lot. No one wants to be mislead or waste their time, money, etc. on a relationship or person that is not right for them.


Psychic Pixie x8117 stars Phone Reading

Pixie is wonderful, has definite tap into spirit and validated feelings I've been having. It was a very positive experience.


Psychic Marlaina x3430 stars Phone Reading

Marlaina has great insight and is very positive to talk with. She is wise and helped me to gain better understanding of a love interest.


Psychic Marlaina x3430 stars Phone Reading

Marlaina is wonderful, positive and very easy to talk to. Validated feelings I have about a love interest. Now, just have to wait and see if we are correct!


Psychic Mazie x7124 stars Phone Reading

Mazie was amazingly tuned in and a real pleasure to talk with, given it was wee hours of the morning. I had limited time and she answered all my questions quickly and provided great insight and accuracy. I highly recommend her. There is no doubt she truly a gifted psychic.


Psychic Cory x7690 stars Phone Reading

Corey is very compassionate and supportive. Her good energy and her loving intent comes through. She is highly knowledgeable and wanting to connect. She absolutely helped me and I am grateful for her wisdom. I think I was hoping for more of a sense of connection/info from spirit, as she is a medium. It may have been my energy, which is quite low right now, that interfered or some other block. Still, she is well worth your time and money. She will deliver to you what you need the most I believe and is very wise.


Psychic Sally x9989 stars Phone Reading

Sally was great in that she was very present, compassionate and to the point. I did not sense she was just giving me common sense advice. She was respectful of the time/money constraint and moved along, without side tracking with her opinion. My connection with her felt right and positive. She was clear in her answers and confident in her responses. She works with Angels and I felt that most of the info was from the divine, not just her opinion or advice. Worth your money and time. Quite good and one of the best I've had the pleasure to be in contact with.