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Psychic Cielo x3534 stars Phone Reading

One of my fave advisors- I called her back because her contact predictions didn't happen and she was forward saying she didn't want to use covid as an excuse, and was adamant that it should have happened according to her reading. I dawned it me that I didn't mention that I changed my number and so this person may have well been trying to contact me within her timeline, and I couldn't have possible known. Either way, she is great at _short term_ predictions. Don't expect her to look years ahead.


Psychic Eliza x7896 stars Phone Reading

Eliza is still best for reading mind/emotions of POI and others. There are some days where she's off not giving much because she's tired but when she's not she zones with laser-light precision telling you the what and whys of their thinking.. I still turn to her every now and then when I want to know about someone!!


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Psychic Bianca x9493 stars Phone Reading

Bianca gets it right EVERY TIME! A superb reader with the uncanny ability to dispel the fogs of uncertainty and lead you the right direction with the helps of guides and angels!


Psychic Bianca x9493 stars Phone Reading

All I kept repeating was "Omg...omg..omg.." because she hit on everything that had happened without me saying a word (besides my question) literally. In under five minutes I was told so much... she knew so much that was accurate...She told my why the angels had removed POI from my life bc of his toxic ways. She's fun and I would recommend her for the younger crowd!! Another adviser to add to favorites.


Psychic Renee Marie x8632 stars Chat Reading

I first read with Renee about 2-3 years ago where I left the reading upset because it wasn't what I wanted to hear. Well, turns out she was right on the money. She's direct and won't sugar coat anything to make you feel better. This is how all advisers should be instead of giving false hope (which is worse imo). Another cool thing about her is that her guides can see about 2-3 years out in terms of predictiond. I know it's true because that reading I had with her was about 2-3 years ago and I came back to her recently because of it.


Psychic Hope x3496 stars Chat Reading

Nice person but I must grade on accuracy. Said that I would contact POI in June and I knew that was wrong right away. The reason I was connecting with her was to see when he would contact me not the other way around...


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Psychic Noah x9084 stars Phone Reading

Noah has been my guardian angel preparing me for what's to come with a difficult person of interest from my past since last year. Last December he said that an ex would try to reach out to me in a 'baiting' sort of way around January or February. Well come this past February my ex did just that by liking two posts on my social media trying to get my attention. He has said that this person's energy is selfish, me-first kinda guy. Well my ex has always talked about his needs first as if the world owes him something! Amazing!! He has been eerily accurate with details about what's to come in my life and not many have been able to do that (and I've tried a lot!!). I no doubt he will soon be one of the higher rated pretty soon if others catch on to his gift!!


Psychic Therese x7215 stars Chat Reading

I dont know. I delayed a reading because she made a prediction that POI and I would reconnect around May or June. That didn't happen. She told me a lot of general stuff like he has a heart connection to me, and that the current person he's with is temporary, etc. but nothing meaty like the little details about what' hes done and said in the past, or will do in the future, to make me think she's stands out.


Psychic Anja x8147 stars Chat Reading

I really liked her energy. Sadly nothing she said came true within the given timelines.


Psychic Cielo x3534 stars Phone Reading

You guys, Cielo is the real deal. Each reading I've had with her she is able to tell me things that have happened between POI and I, how person is feeling, and what to expect in the near future. She is no fluff/advice, only facts. Thank you Cielito for your gift.