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Psychic Leota x3587 stars Phone Reading

She is so great and accurate . Amazing connection. She was able to give me so much detail About so many things without me telling her anything! I was so intrigued . I will continue to use Leota . She is so gifted and helpful :)


Psychic Melody x7909 stars Phone Reading

I spoke to Melody a few years ago and loved her . Three years later I am speaking with her again and she seems so in touch. I trust her and her readings seem very accurate . I cannot wait to review again after some things come to fruition!


Psychic Annaleigh x9812 stars Phone Reading

I feel like Annaleigh was beyond accurate. She was able to pickup on things right away. Very compassionate but straight to be point . Gave good advice!


Psychic Melody x7909 stars Phone Reading

I loved the connection !!!!