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Psychic Amelia x9227 stars Phone Reading

Wow! Holy Smoke! I have had a spirit popping in over the past 24 hours.. i am sensitive enough to have formed my own impressions, and i know the history of my home. Amelia was "dead on 100%" with no mote info than me asking if she was picking up on anything! Amelia was also very friendly and easy to talk to and stayed on point! A true delight and blessing to talk with! Thank you Amelia i can go to sleep worry free tonight :)


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Psychic Mimi x9834 stars Phone Reading

Wow! Mimi definitely is the real deal! Very gifted and connected with me immediately! She definitely connected with my Brother who had passed, because the words she was sharing with me were 100% "him" and I could feel his energy as we talked. More importantly Mimi has a compassionate way about her that makes some tough information easier to deal with, and she is very knowledgeable about the "spirit word". I can honestly say I feel much better after talking with Mimi!


Psychic Grace x7698 stars Phone Reading

Wow! I called because of a medical condition the doctors are unable to specifically Diagnose.... You know how it is, no one goes the extra mile like they use to... Just want To give you some pills and get you out the door. I'm gifted just enough as an energy healer And have enough intuition to know I have an issue, and where it is... But! Grace is a Human MRI... Wow! After doing readings all night, she immediately went right to my issue, confirmed What I thought, and went into such detail that I was blown away! She is incredible! Thank you Grace! I'm already starting to work on my issue and thanks to you I know what I need to do!


Psychic Denise x7842 stars Phone Reading

Astounding... Intensely accurate gave me affirmation to things I was holding back on. Hit on things I was concerned about before I brought them up. Also a wonderfully delightful person to talk with, did not waste my time, very knowledgeable and comfortable. Someone I could talk with for hours.