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Psychic Diana x3477 stars Phone Reading

Diana was amazing and accurate she doesn’t just tell you what she thinks you want to hear. I will absolutely will read with her again.


Psychic Sammie x8496 stars Phone Reading

Hi Sammie- So just to follow up. When I asked you about the down payment. You said he would give me $500 then you changed it to $1,600. Well he agreed to give me $500.00 I think when you said $1,600 you were picking up on what I needed total. But the fact you said $1,600. I was shocked because I never told you how much I needed for my down payment. I am sure you and, I will talk soon. I will give you a update on the other things we talked about. I am sure it will all pan out. Thank you, so much for all your help.


Psychic Sammie x8496 stars Phone Reading

I asked if you saw me working this weekend you told me yes Saturday...Well my boss text me last night asking me to work Saturday. Sammie you are the only advisor I trust. Thank you, for all your help.


Psychic Janax x7750 stars Phone Reading

Hi Janex- I am really sorry I was really upset and I felt like I was rude. I was really in my feelings over the situation I called you about. You and I will talk soon hopefully everything you said will pan out. Fonte'


Psychic Janax x7750 stars Phone Reading

You gave me a lot of information in a short amount of time. Thank you, for your help we will talk soon.


Psychic Sammie x8496 stars Phone Reading

Hi Sammie- I Asked about a position I applied for at my old job you saw me getting the position. Unfortunately, I received the sorry we are moving forward with other candidates email. You were incorrect maybe you were picking up on a different position you saw me getting. You’re normally accurate so I will give you the benefit of a doubt it’s another position coming with my old employer. Also the car i wanted you were right that car I wanted didn’t pan out.


Psychic Sammie x8496 stars Phone Reading

Sammie is my favorite reader sometimes timing may be a little off but I understand sometimes timing is hard to pin point. Sammie is gifted and has been a big help to me over the last year or two. Thank you, F.


Psychic Sammie x8496 stars Chat Reading

One of the best psychics on this site - please give Sammie a try you won’t be disappointed she delivers and, she’s honest.


Psychic Janax x7750 stars Phone Reading

Janex you always make me feel so much better. I’m thankful for you. By the way you mention you saw two vacations coming up with my boss well that would be accurate. He’s planning a vacation with his girlfriend and one with me. I’m looking forward to my reading to pan out I’m sure it will.


Psychic Sammie x8496 stars Phone Reading

I respect Sammie because she reads W/ integrity. She is honest regardless if its good news or bad news. I remember being disappointed at Sammie because she gave me bad news. However, now I look back I can’t get mad at the truth. There are some psychics who will tell you what you want to hear. You won’t get that from Sammie which is a good thing. I’ve had several readings with Sammie and, I know now not to doubt what she says. For example timing is hard to nail sometimes. I had a reading with Sammie were my situation didn’t pan out. Then several months later things tend to unfold. When it comes to Sammie being accurate I would say she’s 99%. She also, doesn’t waste your time or money. Sammie a pretty quick reader.