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Psychic Sapphire x3149 stars Phone Reading

First time reading with sapphire and she was giving me a lot of information that I appreciated.. the energy felt great like she was on point with everything !Thank you! I can predict she will cost a lot more soon


Psychic Jimmy x8346 stars Phone Reading

Def one of my top 3 favorite advisors on here, and I’ve read with umm too many lol.. jimmy picks up things that no other advisor would say and is very descriptive which makes me feel like everything he says is 100 % true ! Not sure why his fee isn’t higher bc he’s seriously better than a lot of those that are much more expensive.. he deserves to be noticed much more ! Love you jimmy ! Thanks for helping me out on every call. Everything you say makes total sense and validates my feelings :)!! You haven’t been wrong ever are special one !


Psychic June x8219 stars Phone Reading

Very fast and on point with the questions I had in mind. Really Really great reading !! Everything makes more sense now... I can see why June is a top advisor ! Thanks so much !!!!:)


Psychic Bridgette x8133 stars Phone Reading

She's definitely one of the best and I've read with too many to count!! Picked up on details that no other advisor could pick up on. Details matter !! Thanks so much for the great uplifting readings and i will always trust your judgement:) Makes me smile after a reading with Bridgette.. Thanks so much :)!!!


customer(s) found the following review helpful

Psychic Seraphina x9023 stars Phone Reading

Love her style of reading. Def. a favorite !! The details and information is AMAZING!!! Your money will be worth the insight she gives u !! Thanks so much Seraphina for always being quick and to the point :)!!


Psychic Barbara x7866 stars Phone Reading

She's so sweet and personable. Always great readings with so much insight !!! Thank you Barbara!!


Psychic Cory x7690 stars Phone Reading

So sweet to receive a personal message to elaborate more advice. Thanks so much Cory for taking the time to lift me up when I really needed it. It means so much to me !!! Def. worth getting a reading from!


Psychic John x8318 stars Phone Reading

Love John and the details he gives! I will update when prediction comes through :)