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Psychic Tallis x3403 stars Phone Reading

Tallis is accurate, comforting and knowledgeable. She has natural abilities, amazing insight, and relates the paths before you and their consequences. I look forward to the positive predictions taking place and will call Tallis again for any matter.. Thank you for your sincere spiritual support.


Psychic Iris x3493 stars Phone Reading

So great, I extended the reading. She clearly has natural abilities. Iris will become a favorite, no doubt. Call her, you’ll be amazed as me.


Psychic Molly x3552 stars Phone Reading

Molly is great. She knew to point to areas where something is hidden. She even mentioned a place I totally forgot. She was kind, intelligent, as well as skilled. I will keep Molly updated as to “hidden treasure” and other matters. I highly recommend. She’s a great addition on the site!


Psychic Devi x3197 stars Phone Reading

On point, descriptions and time frames. As well as a very good memory from the kar chat . last talk!


Psychic Arielle x8367 stars Phone Reading

Quiet person, but her guides, the tarot have much to say!


Psychic Ricky x8106 stars Phone Reading

In regard to future plans, Ricky actually used the same words used by my POI. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I want Ricky to know that the “two point plan” was verbatim. Wow. And he related the change of behavior to something that hadn’t occurred to me, but makes perfect sense. The main answer was unexpected and took me by surprise. He gave me some dates. I’ll follow up when Ricky is proved right! He was also on point when referring to some ancillary characters.


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Psychic Lynne x9982 stars Phone Reading

Lynne is an incredible Tarot reader. Her rate does not reflect the quality of her work- which is insightful and predictive.


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Psychic Lynne x9982 stars Phone Reading

Lynne is my go to, and little secret. Her rate is ridiculous for the incredible reading you’ll receive. She is very intelligent and clear as to the cards. If there is a conflict without prompting , she redistributes to find more information. She understands the interplay of the cards very well, and she will call it as she sees it. Her skills have grown over the years as she has begun to refer to guides.


Psychic Jane x3369 stars Phone Reading

A great reader and easy to talk to!


Psychic Jordan x3457 stars Phone Reading

Jordan shows great maturity and insight. She used tarot cards and would also stress impotanot messages I was to hear during her reading,. She is a seasoned, talented, physic who will surely have a large following. I felt fortunate for out our conversation and I won’t hesitate to call her again. And yes, she told me incedemtsal matters I hadn’t volunteered. She’s great!