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Psychic Valerie x3601 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Valerie.


Psychic Juliette x9440 stars Chat Reading

She is amazing. She really has helped me in so many ways and is an excellent person to tune into peoples feelings and intentions.


Psychic Kallie x3478 stars Phone Reading

Thank you, Kallie. I will take your advice, I greatly appreciate you.


Psychic Nisa x4865 stars Phone Reading

She is amazing. Super fast, reads the situation without a lot of information, and picks up so much ! Thank you, gorgeous!


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Psychic Juliette x9440 stars Chat Reading

Juliette is spot on and accurate. Several of her predictions have come true for me now.


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Psychic Juliette x9440 stars Chat Reading

Juliette’s predictions consistently come to fruition. She is very competent and reads specific personalities very well. I always come back to her because what she see’s ends up happening. Thank you, Juliette for helping me along life’s journey ! Sending good energy to you !


Psychic Moira x7776 stars Phone Reading

Moira, thank you for using your gift with me. I called POI back after we talked. I am praying that what you see happens and I will keep your advice in the back of my mind to make sure that it does. Please send good energy my way. I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you again


Psychic Moira x7776 stars Phone Reading

I felt the urge to contact her for the 2nd time in one day after I left my POI an ultimatum and she answered. It felt like a spiritual / Devine intervention to speak to her. She knew things I did not tell her and said that my POI was a soul mate. I believe he the person God wants me to be with. I hope her prediction is true for reconciliation. My POI is so slow and I am tired of waiting. I have been so patient, I just needed to set boundaries with him so he misses me and doesn’t take me for granted anymore. I believe Moira has spiritual gifts that are truly given to her to help people. Thank you, Moira


Psychic Mazie x7124 stars Phone Reading

Mazie, I really loved speaking with you today. I will admit that what you told me seems really far fetched , I mean my ex is in Europe for a trip and you saw a ring and engagement… something about the 9-13 this month (May) ? He is gone till the 22nd of May, so what does that mean? I really hope that what you said is true. He is the love of my life and my best friend. I would love to talk to you more. I will call back and update you and leave another review saying how amazing you are if this does happen. I want to update the people that read the reviews here if it does happen too. In the meantime, I really hope what you said happens. Thank you Mazie


Psychic Mabel x3644 stars Phone Reading

Mabel, thank you for helping me. My POI is leaving soon and you stated the exact day he is leaving (to my surprise) . I am keeping hope that the rest of your predictions are true. Please keep me in your thoughts this has been a difficult road. I look forward to talking to you again if we reconcile