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Psychic Allison x3207 stars Chat Reading

Thank you, Allison.


Psychic Cornelius x3206 stars Chat Reading

Thank you, Cornelius.


Psychic Bridgette x8133 stars Chat Reading

I'm grateful for the wisdom, guidance, and practical advice shared with me by Bridgette and her guides. I feel held and supported.


Psychic Volta x3111 stars Chat Reading

I felt very listened to and heard in my reading with Volta. I'm very grateful for the wisdom, guidance, and kind, caring energy that Volta shared with me.


Psychic Clarice x9368 stars Chat Reading

I am grateful to Clarice for her support, wisdom and guidance, and for reflecting to me in a very clear positive way what my intuition is telling me, and how to listen to/honor it!


Psychic Amy x7886 stars Chat Reading

I'm grateful to Amy for the clear, wise, no-nonsense guidance shared!


Psychic Opal x3223 stars Chat Reading

I greatly appreciate the honest and supportive wisdom and guidance shared with me by Opal. I received valuable insight regarding the direct questions I asked, and also insight regarding navigating something that may come to pass in a way most supportive for myself. I feel more peaceful and patient following the reading with Opal, and feel her genuine support for me (and others) leading to increased self love.


Psychic Rheda x8860 stars Chat Reading

I received such a beautiful reading from Rheda in support of my own confidence, clarity, self-love and self-knowing. I've had a few readings with Rheda, and each time, have come to learn with the passage of a bit of time that she has accurately asked about and shared names of people who I will meet in the future.


Psychic Stasch x9303 stars Chat Reading

I really enjoyed the reading with Stasch, feeling very at ease. I feel he shared interesting, fascinating insight, that helped to reveal subtlety and nuance regarding my experience.


Psychic Agnes x7908 stars Chat Reading

I very much appreciate the practical wisdom, guidance, and insight I received from Agnes, in such a straight-forward and prompt manner, and also with care. I feel very nourished and precious following the reading.