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Psychic Marlaina x3430 stars Phone Reading

Marlaina is gold. She mentioned a few things that she had no way of knowing and they were spot on. Marlaina I can’t thank you enough for the reading and the kindness. My anxiety has lessened and I’m looking forward to what comes next. Now I know where I am in this.


Psychic Arthur x8237 stars Phone Reading

Very calming voice and very kind in his delivery. Arthur was sure of his answers and was helpful in sending me in the right direction. Here’s to communication picking up soon. Thank you Arthur!


Psychic Sally x9989 stars Phone Reading

Wow! Best call ever! Sally was direct in her delivery and accurate in how she read the situation. Cannot wait to see how things unfold. Thank you so much Sally, you really helped me find some peace so I can relax and let things unfold as they are meant to, when they are meant too.


Psychic Holly x9605 stars Phone Reading

Not really impressed. Overall I think she was just winging it.


Psychic Gabrielle x3503 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for the reading this morning. I’m looking forward to the new person coming into my life, in the meantime I’ll work on healing and clearing the energy to make the way. As for the past, it’s over and done, no reason to revisit it. If the person does reach out I will not respond.


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Psychic Beau x7839 stars Phone Reading

Seem bored at best and anxious to end the call. Had very little insight.