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Psychic Indigo x3515 stars Phone Reading

No connection


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Psychic Khepri x3590 stars Phone Reading

Not good – felt like she gave me a lot of cliches. “Want love? Write it down and ask the Universe.” On life purpose. I could have just Googled it. “Like writing? You should write a book. Like mentoring? Maybe your life purpose is to be a court advocate.” (PS – I don’t want to do either.)


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Psychic Durga x3293 stars Phone Reading

Not my cup of tea. Very “hard” energy, and she talks nonstop without ever actually communicating/connecting with you.


Psychic Arabella x3586 stars Phone Reading

Happy to leave her first review. I had a high level of confidence in her reading and her process.


Psychic Declan x3301 stars Phone Reading

Such a kind and dear man!


Psychic Ari x3416 stars Phone Reading

Not the best reading; too many vague "often, people do this" or "sometimes, this is the way things are" or "maybe you could try" type answers.


Psychic Sapphire x3149 stars Phone Reading

Poor reading; couldn't validate anything she said. Asked if she felt a connection, and she said NO - should have said so up front!


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Psychic Sunny x3394 stars Phone Reading

Very nice, but I don’t think she tuned into this situation accurately. Much of what she said just didn’t resonate with what I already know, and the items that were correct seemed based off the information I provided.


Psychic Carmaleena x8689 stars Phone Reading

Lovely, feeling person, motherly and kind. A new favorite.


Psychic Christopher x3373 stars Phone Reading

Try as I might, I can’t appreciate Chris’ style and tendency toward general, unclear statements.