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Psychic Akira x9543 stars Phone Reading

The Best!!!


Psychic Thalia x3344 stars Phone Reading

Talked in generalized statements, nothing concrete to the specific topic.


Psychic Nathaniel x3145 stars Phone Reading

Nathaniel was very clear when providing answers and or guidance to my questions.


Psychic Elijah x8233 stars Phone Reading

FANTASTIC! He explained the issue I couldn't put my finger on~THANKS!.


Psychic Robert Gene x7153 stars Phone Reading

SPOT ON! He talks about what's going on in your life NOW. I will call again. Thanks Robert.


Psychic Robert Gene x7153 stars Phone Reading

The BEST! Rather than vague "I see baggage" lingo, he SPECIFICALLY said what the issue was AND how to rectify it. My advisor from now on.


Psychic Tennessee x8062 stars Phone Reading

Spot on~direct~not a lot of "extra" talk.