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Psychic Gabrielle x3503 stars Phone Reading

There are not enough stars!


Psychic Marlaina x3430 stars Phone Reading

Marlaina is extremely detailed and her advice is sound. Whilst mindful of time and money for the reading she delivers the information in a flowing energetic manner ensuring that you understand and leaves time for you to ask questions if you didn’t understand something. She calms me.


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Psychic Azaria x3450 stars Phone Reading

Oh my gosh! Nothing she said came true. She was so adamant and I believed her. And she prayed to the angels and did all her work and just in that same moment when she confirmed emphatically what would happen, none of it did. If you can’t see the truth why lead customers to believe that you are? We are already in need and depending on you for answers especially on a very expensive service. Why not admit what you can’t see or vice an answer to and the customer can move on to someone who can?


Psychic Eliza x7896 stars Phone Reading

My first written review and I've read with about 4 different psychics on psychic source. I feel compelled to say that Eliza was the most real for me as she spoke to both the angels of my relationship person and my angles, and sort for what was in our best interest. The journey will be a tough one for me but I am looking forward to really taking Eliza's advice of patience and asking myself what do I really want!