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Psychic Jenny x4737 stars Chat Reading

First time trying Jenny and she really impressed me. She seems secure and honest with her comments. I hope her prediction came true. As the other review, she is on high demand already!


Psychic Ben x3627 stars Chat Reading

I just chat with Ben for the first time. He seems sweet and trustworthy...I did not put 5 stars because I need to wait for timeframes.. txs!


Psychic Fern x4669 stars Chat Reading

First time with Fern. Made a good impression on me. She felt honest with her reading.


Psychic Lakshmi x9725 stars Chat Reading

This was my first reading with Lakshmi. She was very kind. Unfortunately my time ended and I could not wrap up our conversation. I hope her predictions will be correct! best!


Psychic Leena x7951 stars Phone Reading

Dear Leena! always a pleasure to talk to you. It is amazing how you can connect so good. You really feel like an old friend. Lot of hugs. S-


Psychic Michael x3472 stars Chat Reading

I really liked Michael.. seems pretty accurate! let’s see what happens with his predictions.


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Psychic Sadia x8659 stars Phone Reading

Eventhough I can’t call her frequently (maybe we do not talk for months or year!) she remembers and connects immediately with me and my story... This time I dd not have any firm question so we talked in general but when I have a doubt I call her for support.. Luv Sadia


Psychic Yana x9104 stars Chat Reading

Yana connects with me super quick, remember our last conversation and gives me support.. she is super sweet! thanks Yana


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Psychic Yana x9104 stars Chat Reading

Thanks Yana for always being so sweet, remember my stories and telling me what you see... not false expectations..


Psychic Leila x3309 stars Chat Reading

I just finished my reading with Leila and decided to write a review because with little time she gave me tons of info...very accurate...I will read again wih her and review if predictions were correct.. thanks so much!