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Psychic Addison x3641 stars Phone Reading

What a helpful and comforting reading. I had recently gotten away from a difficult situation and had a turn of events that made me afraid and worried. Addison was able to quickly put my mind at ease with her quick honest straightforward reading. She doesn't waste your time, she is kind in her response without sugarcoating an answer. It is hard to find an advisor that can be to the point without sounding rude or uncaring. She is a real gift what an asset to Psychic Source! Lucky to have her.


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Psychic Persephone x4767 stars Phone Reading

Good connection. She was honest understanding and concerned. Truthful with her response without being cold and rude. I appreciated her directness so much and hope things come to pass as she said. Some readers can be direct but in a way that appears cold and rude. Persephone is wonderful. Straight forward but spoken with kindness in her heart.


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Psychic Skyler x9090 stars Phone Reading

I felt that she answered my questions more like a counselor or therapist. She went into a great deal of detail rather than a simple yes or no. One question unable to clearly answer. I think we just didn't connect well. No straight forward answer just ambiguous.


Psychic Violet x3581 stars Phone Reading

I felt she was accurate with the personality traits of the people I asked about, I hope the predictions come true we'll see. If you want warm and fuzzy she's not your psychic. Straight forward to the point. I respect that but she didn't even say hello very cold unfeeling. Felt like she was going through the motions.


Psychic Mary Rose x7699 stars Phone Reading

Very good reading. She is straightforward and a calming influence and reassuring. I gave only 4 stars because I felt like I prompted her to say more about something rather then her volunteering a lot of info. She felt 2 people coming into my life by spring but did not elaborate about what they might be like. Perhaps she was not able to see that. She did give quite a bit of info on my ex which was quite helpful and I felt probably accurate. Will call again.


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Psychic Jenicka x9859 stars Phone Reading

Such a pleasure to have a reading with Jenicka. Positive and calming. Straight forward doesn't waste your time or look for answers from you. She tells it like it is. I hope what she saw will come to pass it would be wonderful!


Psychic Jenicka x9859 stars Phone Reading

Top Notch advisor! Good listener, understanding, honest and truthful. Did not sugar coat advice. Right on with description of personalities of the people we discussed. She told me about them without me volunteering much info. I felt hope and positive uplifting feelings after the call. Very good reading I felt a good connection.


Psychic Stella x7343 stars Phone Reading

Did not connect apparently. I felt I had an ordinary question regarding what was the future of a relationship and she was very firm and would not answer it. Even to the point of being rude. She said something like you'll just have to wait and see I don't go there I don't tell people that stuff. Perhaps she was having a bad day? I still managed to thank her (for nothing) and wasted 7 min at my expense. Not sure how helpful she is. Sorry.


Psychic Skyler x9090 stars Phone Reading

I've been using psychic source for over 20 yrs and have had many readings. We just didn't connect. She was sweet a good listener but never gave direct yes no answers. . Pretty basic answers. Think her "spirit guides" were off. I am a believer but I think sometimes things aren't what they appear.


Psychic Suzi x8046 stars Phone Reading

She gave me very helpful info on a friend that was deceased even tho this is not an area of expertise for her. Very accurate and helping with the grieving process. Thank you Suzi for your caring and understanding