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Psychic Yana x9104 stars Chat Reading

Had a nice long reading with Yana. We covered several life topics. I feel confident in knowing that she has provided me with accurate information and predictions as she sees them. Thanks again, Yana


Psychic Nova x3615 stars Chat Reading

Nova, I want to express my deepest gratitude. Thank you so much for reaching out to me with a message of hope. It’s nice to know that advisors like you continue working even after the call is over. I’m so excited for the future, and when it all starts to unfold, you will be the first one to know. Many Blessings, Sweet Lady!


Psychic Kimberle x8608 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Kimberle. I’m so glad I was able to receive a reading from you. It’s refreshing to finally have someone explain this gripping connection between me and my poi in a way that I could understand. Also, thank you for enlightening me on how to speed up the process. Much love and respect for you- You’re a beautiful, talented Lady! Many blessings!


Psychic Nova x3615 stars Chat Reading

After many months, Nova’s prediction regarding POI has not changed. Good to have validation that this is a tough road of waiting and wondering. Will continue to check back in for updates.


Psychic Vesper x4798 stars Chat Reading

First reading with Vesper was fair and helpful.


Psychic Amanda x9695 stars Chat Reading

Appreciate everything you do, as always!


Psychic Anja x8147 stars Chat Reading

Such a comfort to know that my little Chihuahua (my sweet baby girl) is still with me in spirit. She was my most beloved and constant companion- a treasured gift from God. She meant the world to me, and I miss her every day. It had to have been divine timing that I was finally able to connect with you on what would have been her 11th birthday. Thank you so much for what you do, Anja. Be Well.


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Psychic Rheda x8860 stars Chat Reading

I Love Rheda! She has such a kind and caring spirit. She always gives names as a validation of her gift. She’s currently been giving me guidance on a twin flame love interest... which has been a bit frustrating. Keeping my fingers crossed that he finally comes forward. (I will definitely keep you updated ) She also predicted a job promotion...which has partially come to fruition. I’m just waiting on an approval from national in order to seal my position. Please keep doing what you do Rheda-and don’t ever change, Sweet Lady!


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Psychic Anja x8147 stars Chat Reading

Always a pleasure to speak with you Anja. Although I feel like I pester you with questions about the same poi and our strange connection, I continue to come back to you because no other advisor offers the insight and in-depth explanation and view point that you do. I hope you realize how valuable your gifts are for people like me. Thank you, once again. You’re a God send!


Psychic Mackenzie x9602 stars Chat Reading

I have talked to Mackenzie before, and she has proven to be a reliable advisor. I was receiving answers to my questions with my most recent reading, but was disappointed that she had signed off whenever I returned to proceed with the chat after adding additional funds. I guess I’ll try and pick up where we left off next time.