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Psychic Ramezia x4813 stars Phone Reading

Excellent Reader. Quick to see the situation. Honest and direct which is exactly what I needed. Confirmed what I was already feeling and gave me guidance for moving forward. She helped me see certain aspects of my situation in a way that's beneficial to my well being. As opposed to some hope for some kind of fairy tale. I highly highly recommend! Especially if you want clarity and grounding in your situation. Ramezia, thank you. I am done chasing, begging for a bone and not even getting a crumb at this point. It's difficult to see/accept but speaking with you is giving me the strength to accept reality, even if it stings. Thanks again.


Psychic Cheyenne x7505 stars Phone Reading

Great reading with Cheyenne. She is compassionate and clear. Gave some new insight into my situation/question.


Psychic Denise x7842 stars Phone Reading

Great reading with Denise. Compassionate and clear. Gave some new insight into my situation/question.


Psychic Fabiola x3277 stars Phone Reading

Wonderful reader. Helped me work through a situation with another person and see things in a more positive light. Tunes in quickly and offers insight into what I am not seeing.


Psychic Kay x7102 stars Phone Reading

Excellent Reading! Gentle, straightforward, quick, insightful. Tuned right into the questions and made sure I'm watching out for myself in the situation. Thanks!


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Psychic Cheyenne x7505 stars Phone Reading

Wonderful lovely reader.


Psychic Fabiola x3277 stars Phone Reading

Wonderful wonderful reading with a Reader who deserves a constellation of stars! I learned a lot and gained valuable insights. Clear, soft and direct. Everything said rang a bell for me. Highly recommend. [when I speak with the person I asked about, it will be the 4th time. He called 2 times after the first long conversation. Since telling me he wants to hug me a week ago Monday, haven't heard from him, except he wrote "good morning" this past Sunday and I'm still wondering if that was even him...I wrote back good morning, and waited and then told him I was heading to the Park to teach Yoga...for some reason I'm wondering if it was someone else who wrote good morning, it's not his usual style of greeting and my inner voice said "don't respond" but of course I did. i've had it happen once in the past were a woman got hold of a man's phone and texted me. I guess I'm overthinking but still can't shake the feeling something is off. Hopefully he's just busy with life. Something has shifted though, it feels like. In all it's been a little over 4 weeks since he found me after 40 years]


Psychic Cheyenne x7505 stars Phone Reading

Very satisfied! Have had several reading over the past couple of weeks about a situation with someone that is complicated and confusing and painful to me. She has picked up on the other person very clearly and helped me to sort things out for myself. Her guidance is compassionate and kind while also being grounded in reality. She offered a timeline for an issue that did resolve itself as she offered it might. Many thanks.


Psychic Bianca x9493 stars Phone Reading

Bianca is awesome and spot on and extremely helpful.