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Psychic Veronica x4739 stars Phone Reading

Fabulous as usual. Spot on Factual!!.....Spot on advice. It's like she can see every thought and feeling I have been having and put me at ease. Very very empathic. So incredibly insightful, factual, truth!!


Psychic Leota x3587 stars Phone Reading

Fabulous!! She was able to actually see the entire situation, hear from her guides, affirm certain facts and advised from what her guides told her. I felt absolutely relieved of my stress over the situation I was dealing with...I highly recommend!!


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Psychic Zaria x4773 stars Phone Reading

WOW!!! EXCELLENT...Told me SO much information. Spot on!! Fast answers!! Made Total Sense! Amazing predictions!! Timelines made sense!! Tuned in SO FAST!! Over the moon accuracy, grounded advice, possitive, HONEST Too. No sugar coating. Very gifted with sense of SEEING situations, SEEING outcomes!! Love this Psychic!! Worth the money. Does not waste your time. HIGH ENERGY. Gives you LOTS of details!! Knocked my Socks off with integrity, truth, wisdom and Predictions that make sense!!


Psychic Rhys x4792 stars Phone Reading

I just ADORE Rhys!! He is warm and friendly, BUT mostly works VERY fast and accurate!! He can tune into anyone's energy that you have concerns with and PREDICT outcomes. He can explain WHY things are happening and predict ALL the changes coming up!! FABULOUS!! Any questions on intentions of others whether good or bad are explained fully. One of the BEST psychics. Does not waste your time!!


Psychic Jayda x3512 stars Phone Reading

I normally I do not consult with "Card readers",,,,However, Jayda's ACCURACY IS AMAZING....Worth a bit extra money and time ,however...She was SPOT ON about my Person of Interest, his wife, and his stepson!! Spot on and made TOTAL Sense with the situation...I will Definitely use Jayda again to get the FORECAST of assorted life situations...WORTH EVERY PENNY!!......Factual insightful direct!! I like her!!


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Psychic Salem x4774 stars Phone Reading

Absolutely FABULOUS...She tunes in right away!! Gives AMAZING DETAIL and projections and predictions....Love this reader!! Will DEFINITLEY use again VERY SOON!!....You absolutely Cannot go wrong with Salem....TOPS in my book!! Works very fast to see the situation, and people!! Makes total sense and gives OUTCOMES which is what I was seeking....Love this reader!!


Psychic Tia x3624 stars Phone Reading

Excellent. Tunes in right away. Accurate. Another TOP reader...Will use again!!


Psychic Katie x4758 stars Phone Reading

WOW, I was surprised how fast she tuned into the situation. I was impressed!! She gave forecast of things to come, time frames too!. Very very helpful, hopeful and described peoples situations and when they are going to change. She can tune into what they are thinking, planning! She also tuned into my life and gave time frames. I felt calmer, more focused, more hopeful and like it or not she was able to honestly inform me how stressed and confused a certain person is that I was inquiring about....EXCELLENT reading. Truthful, clarity, insight, predictions that made sense!!


Psychic Sabrina x3429 stars Phone Reading

I do love Sabrina. She is a true psychic. She DOES have an accent and often speaks SILENTLY at the end of her thoughts. I unfortunately did not catch the last "point she was trying to make" about "living a long time in the new apartment I'm moving to. It did not make sense because she talks SILENTLY and has a strong "southern accent" to top it all off!! I wish I had the funds to call her back and get the "POINT" she was attempting to make. It saddens me because she is good and I "LOST OUT" from understanding her "MAIN POINT".....SAD!!


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Psychic Mary Rose x7699 stars Phone Reading

Sorry to have to rate so low, but this woman asks ME questions to get information. Now she has more to comment on. Sadly she does NOT bother to tune in. I can get the same reading from the average "Jane" next door neighbor. She made a lot of useless chatter, was nervous and tried to use up the excess time time by chattering. No REAL sound PREDICTIONS given at all!!