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Psychic Oscar x3561 stars Phone Reading

I highly recommend Oscar for helping sort out things in your life, When you are confused. Oscar is the go to psychic. He is spot on. He tunes in quickly. Gives a lot of factual advice. Can direct you. Clears the way and clears out confusion. He tuned into 2 of my main spirit guides also. Oscar is the perfect psychic when you have decisions to make about job, finances, career, moving to new location. House or apartment hunting. I highly recommend his style and abilities in these areas. He is Awesome!! He does not waste your time at all. Fast, spot on!


Psychic Misty x7330 stars Phone Reading

Wow! I have to say I forgot how Accurate Misty is! I used her when she first began with Psychic Source quite some time ago. She was Very Accurate and so kind and compassionate back then. I was scanning to see who was available, and I remembered her!!. So I went with her again, and WOW, she is spot on!. Gives super detail and lots of information in the time you have with her. She is compassionate, truthful, calms your fears, can tune in fast to people you may have concerns with. I HIGHLY recommend Misty when you have fears, doubts, and are wondering about the character of friends and colleagues, She WILL know ALL about these people and gently guide you!..I am THRILLED with my reading and have Peace of Mind for certain!!


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Psychic Seth x3647 stars Phone Reading

Seth is a Warm, yet very direct reader. Picks up on situations Lightning Fast. He uses the time you have with him wisely. He does not need tools. So when you ask him not to use tools he tunes right into your situation. I love how fast and accurate he is. He will make honest predictions that make sense and help you make decisions for your issues and situations with people. Will Definitely use again. He picked up on all Characters in my dilemma!! He gently yet swiftly advised me! Love this Readers style!! I HIGHLY recommend when you need TRUTH and you need it FAST! This is the fellow you need!!


Psychic Vontessa x3623 stars Phone Reading

I had her before and she was good. All she did in tonights reading was tell me what I already know about someones personality, and barely answered my question.


Psychic Carmaleena x8689 stars Phone Reading

Loved Carmaleena, Outstanding, Quick, compassionate, does not waste your time. Tunes in perfectly to all situations. Truthful, detailed. Spot on. Lots of information given. VALUES your time and gives as much as possible during your time with her. Information I did not know. Top Notch psychic!!


Psychic Pearl x7638 stars Phone Reading

Although it took her a moment to tune in. She was accurate and picked up on something I did not even mention to her. So I like that. I like her. Great value. Her price is very good. I like her perspective. Possitive. She is truly gifted. I will use again.


Psychic Lucina x4712 stars Phone Reading

I felt she really knew exactly how to interpret my dream. Gave much hope. Possitive. Truthful, insightful. Gave advice on manifesting the dream. Explained the connection between me and the person I dreamed about. Picked apart the details and explained how they applied to my future. Really trust Lucina and will use again with dream interpretation. She tunes in well!!


Psychic Sage x8292 stars Phone Reading

Nice Person, but could not connect to me at all.


Psychic Diana x4678 stars Phone Reading

Although she did a good reading the first time, this time I asked her to tune into a particular person and she had difficulty and was unsure of herself and stalled quite a bit, which is wasting my time. Nice person, but hesitant to tune into others when you ask her to. I don't think I will be using again. She also saw a cat around this person I asked about, and this person does not like cats. I feel that message about seeing a cat was actually more about me.


Psychic Sabrina x3429 stars Phone Reading

Although she was nice and she was accurate,. She focused too much on advising me what to eat. Scattered reading. Accurate but all over the place jumping from subject to subject.