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Psychic Morgan x3465 stars Phone Reading

She's really great. She's wise and caring, and helped me calm down. She was also very quick with her answers and tries to be very respectful of your time.


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Psychic Star x9584 stars Phone Reading

I was a little depressed because no matter what I do, nothing ever changes in my life, no matter how hard I work at it. I just wanted to know if anything would ever change, and instead she kept asking me, "have you tried...?" And it just turned into an argument because I have tried EVERYTHING, and NOTHING has ever worked. And frankly, when I'm in a mood like that, I just want a little encouragement, not someone wasting my money asking me about every failed tactic that I've already tried. She also kept referring to my WORK as a type of therapy, which was insulting as hell. Why is it when I tell a psychic that I've tried every single thing, they never believe me? I'm 48 years old. If I've said I've tried everything, I've tried EVERYTHING!!! I do not need to waste my money going over a list that I've already tried that didn't work. There isn't a single thing a psychic has ever suggested that I hadn't already tried. So this helps not at all.


Psychic Zelda x9632 stars Phone Reading

It was such a relief to talk with her. I felt very found and understood, which I've had difficulty with other psychics because I'm autistic. She totally understood what I am up against. If you are on the spectrum, this is the psychic for you!


Psychic Bianca x9493 stars Phone Reading

On point.