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Psychic Nirvana x3405 stars Phone Reading

Nirvana, picked up on my thought immediately. Described my POI correctly and was quick to respond to questions. Looking forward to seeing if predictions come true. Give her a call you will not be disappointed. I am looking forward to our next call. Thank you Robin


Psychic Ostara x3306 stars Phone Reading

Ostara, I very much enjoyed our call. She connected with me very quickly and was able to see what the other person thought and intentions were. I am so looking forward to talking with her again. I can’t wait to see what these next months holds for me and my POI.give Ostara, a call you will not be disappointed.


Psychic Jodie x3399 stars Phone Reading

Not sure if she really picked up on the situation. At least not the whole situation some things were right but not others. Said he wanted me to go away with me to show me just how much I meant to him and then turned around and said he is dark karma you need to walk away from him because he does not want a serious relationship with me - Very confusing.


Psychic Christopher x3373 stars Phone Reading

Well it is now 5/21 and I did what Christopher, told me to do and I have not heard from my POI. He said that if I was not so available that my POI would want to tell me everything that has been going on and that he wanted to move forward with me. So I called to let Christopher, know I still had not heard from my POI-and I am worried. He says he will be coming back he just needs more time and he will tell me everything. Guides are saying I did the right thing and taking back my power. They say he will be back and we will be happy and secure. I am going to continue to think positive thoughts and meditate for a happy reunion.


Psychic Gretta x3390 stars Phone Reading

I connected so easily with her. She picked up on my POI nailed his personality and understood my situation clearly. I will wait and see how the next couple of weeks plays out and give you a call back. I enjoyed very much talking with Gretta, it was like talking to a girlfriend only she know what is going on in the other person head. Give her a call you will not be disappointed. I look forward to our next conversation.- Robin


Psychic Opal x3223 stars Chat Reading

First time I have ever done a chat session. I must say it is different. Opal, was very nice and she tuned into the situation quickly. Said my POI would be coming back to me and that we would be together, which is what I really want. During this period while we are apart I need to focus on my self and stay positive. I have to tell you that is so very hard to do but I am going to do my best to stay focused and positive. I do like phone conversation better I feel more connected to someone I like hearing their voice it just seems more comforting. Robin


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Psychic Christopher x3373 stars Phone Reading

OMG this was my 1st. Reading with Christopher and he blew me away. He knew things that I needed to say it was amazing. He’s funny kind easy to talk to and I can’t wait to see if the predictions come true. I’m going to take his and my guides advice I’m going to back away and see what May 5th. Bring. I am feeling confident that I can pull this off. Christopher I am so looking forward to our next conversation. Don’t hesitate to call him he’s great. Thank you so much and I’ll call you and update you May 5 until then. Best wishes Robin


Psychic Heidi x3258 stars Phone Reading

Heidi, you told me I would hear from Charlie in 3 days and that Alex my boss would be coming in 2 weeks. I just had to tell you, I heard and seen Charlie today, and Alex, is coming next week, you were so right!! I can’t wait to see what happens with Charlie and I in the next couple of weeks. I am not pushing like you said and I am hoping praying that he opens up to me so that we don’t have anything holding us back from being together and not being able to talk to each other about anything like before. I will contact you in a couple of weeks to let you know how things are going. All prayers and positive thoughts are welcome - Robin


Psychic Dawn x9187 stars Phone Reading

Dawn, you are always there for me. You are wonderful connected very quickly to my situation and POI. You are spot on with most of your prediction a few have not happened but we all have free will and that you can’t know when their mind is saying one thing and then they hold back. I am trying to be patient as I can and I am hoping he wants to move forward soon. Give Dawn a call you will not be disappointed. Till next time. Robin


Psychic Heidi x3258 stars Phone Reading

Heidi, I love the note you sent me the other day I so very much needed it so thank you. Your there for me when I feel like I am falling apart with everything in my life that is going on sometimes I just don’t know what to do. I try and stay positive but there are these times when you world is crashing down on you that it is nice to give you a call to help me see my way through. Your wonderful and I can’t wait to talk with you soon. Love Robin