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Psychic Gretta x3390 stars Phone Reading

I connected so easily with her. She picked up on my POI nailed his personality and understood my situation clearly. I will wait and see how the next couple of weeks plays out and give you a call back. I enjoyed very much talking with Gretta, it was like talking to a girlfriend only she know what is going on in the other person head. Give her a call you will not be disappointed. I look forward to our next conversation.- Robin


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Psychic Christopher x3373 stars Phone Reading

OMG this was my 1st. Reading with Christopher and he blew me away. He knew things that I needed to say it was amazing. He’s funny kind easy to talk to and I can’t wait to see if the predictions come true. I’m going to take his and my guides advice I’m going to back away and see what May 5th. Bring. I am feeling confident that I can pull this off. Christopher I am so looking forward to our next conversation. Don’t hesitate to call him he’s great. Thank you so much and I’ll call you and update you May 5 until then. Best wishes Robin


Psychic Heidi x3258 stars Phone Reading

Heidi, you told me I would hear from Charlie in 3 days and that Alex my boss would be coming in 2 weeks. I just had to tell you, I heard and seen Charlie today, and Alex, is coming next week, you were so right!! I can’t wait to see what happens with Charlie and I in the next couple of weeks. I am not pushing like you said and I am hoping praying that he opens up to me so that we don’t have anything holding us back from being together and not being able to talk to each other about anything like before. I will contact you in a couple of weeks to let you know how things are going. All prayers and positive thoughts are welcome - Robin


Psychic Dawn x9187 stars Phone Reading

Dawn, you are always there for me. You are wonderful connected very quickly to my situation and POI. You are spot on with most of your prediction a few have not happened but we all have free will and that you can’t know when their mind is saying one thing and then they hold back. I am trying to be patient as I can and I am hoping he wants to move forward soon. Give Dawn a call you will not be disappointed. Till next time. Robin


Psychic Heidi x3258 stars Phone Reading

Heidi, I love the note you sent me the other day I so very much needed it so thank you. Your there for me when I feel like I am falling apart with everything in my life that is going on sometimes I just don’t know what to do. I try and stay positive but there are these times when you world is crashing down on you that it is nice to give you a call to help me see my way through. Your wonderful and I can’t wait to talk with you soon. Love Robin


Psychic Eden x3351 stars Phone Reading

Eden, was wonderful I felt so connected right away she picked up on the POI and let me know what my angels needed me to hear. She is so right that in my head I imagine the worst when things are not really what is going on. Give Eden a call she connects to you quickly and will tells you what your angels want you to know. I will be calling her back she is really good.


Psychic Hannah x3346 stars Phone Reading

Hannah, you are so easy to talk to and keyed into my situation quickly. I love getting the note from you that is personal and not one already made up. I feel connected to you and that you understand were I am coming from. You know how much I am hurting and that I need ,my POI to know how I feel and that a decision needs to be made so that we can both move forward. I love him with all my heart and I do know he loves me but it is time he picks me and if not I need to move forward. I’m scared but I know you will help me through. Thank you so very much.


Psychic Heidi x3258 stars Phone Reading

Heidi, OMG thank you so much for the message you sent this week regarding my job. You were right again everything worked out great. I kept my agent my boss and I cleared the air. I feel really good moving forward. Just one more big hurdle with you know who and I will really start to feel like my life will work out and I will be happy. These last 5 years have been extremely difficult and I have struggled so much I feel like I’m regaining my power again. Thank you so much for thel notes for the encouragement I love talking to you. Please if you haven’t called Heidi she is wonderful. Looking forward to our next call.


Psychic Remi x3213 stars Phone Reading

This was my second call with Remi. The prediction that she made back in Oct. came true so again I am in need of clarification about my POI. I have been feeling so confused as to whether or not we will be together. After all I have been told that this is finally my year and that good will win over evil. She made me feel so much calmer and I can’t wait for the next 2 months to see what transpires. She remembered our conversation from back in Oct. of last year I was impressed. Give Remi, a call you will love her


Psychic Avery x3328 stars Phone Reading

This was my second reading with Avery, and she connects so well and quickly to my situation. Believe me my situation is not easy and my POI is pretty hard to read at times. Avery is honest and up front does not hold back but yet so very understanding. She said with the situation being what it is that she was not seeing us together until May but she felt that I would hear from him soon.....we’ll as it turns out he called tonight. Give Avery, a call you will not be disappointed. Much love Robin