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Psychic Jayda x3512 stars Phone Reading

sorry, no connection with this reading


Psychic Sage x8292 stars Phone Reading

Connected well with Sage. Thanks


Psychic Amy x7886 stars Phone Reading

connected well with Amy. Just a wait and see type of situation.


Psychic Irena x8086 stars Phone Reading

You were right about a fire sign appearing. A Leo came into contact with me this past Sunday. We have been seeing each other but now he's gone silent so not sure if it was something where things have died down and nothing else happening with the guy.


Psychic Clarity x9083 stars Chat Reading

I don't think the relationship with the Italian guy will pan out as he is more concerned with work and I feel like things have ended. Thanks anyway


Psychic Vincent x9248 stars Phone Reading

Nothing came to fruition. Vincent stated I should hang on with the Italian guy but the Italian guy continues to stall and won't buy a plane ticket to come and see me. All he keeps saying is soon over and over. The Spanish guy bought a plane ticket to see me but nothing is happening with him either. My love life sucks and my career is not panning out for me to become self employed. The reading I got didn't project in my favor.


Psychic Renee Marie x8632 stars Chat Reading

Hi Renee. I wanted to wait and see how things progressed. the guy did contact me it was a phone issue. Unfortunately I don't see him flying from Italy to the U.S. to see me before December 15th. He tells me things and when I ask for further information it's like he's stonewalling me, playing me so to speak because I get no definite answers. He says it has to do with his job, but my thing is anyone can get time off from work if they truly love someone and won't let anything stand in their way and he won't give me sets of dates to come and see me. Months ago he had talked about September, well the month rolled around and he never came, then anytime I would ask for specific dates he would avoid the question just keeps saying so, Ive have even told him prove it as actions speak louder than words, so I honestly don't see us progressing into anything further. I really did like the guy but it just goes to show that I am unlucky at the love and men and I think my destiny is to be alone for the rest of my life. Once again I tried, I've been burned so many times that I have given up hope that there is a man out there for me. I appreciate your time but nothing came to fruition.


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Psychic Joseph x7535 stars Phone Reading

Hi Joseph. I wanted to wait before I made my comments. The guy in Italy did finally contact me unfortunately things have not gone the way that I have wished. He kept giving me the run around about his work so that's why he supposedly can't come to visit me. I told him to prove me wrong. Back in May he said September, the month rolled around, he never came, he keeps telling me that he will come soon but will not give me specific dates so I feel like I am a hamster on a wheel with him going around and around with his answers as he either doesn't answer my questions or all he will say is soon. So I gave him a final ultimatum, he never responded back especially when I told him about my health scare where he never was too concerned where I was hoping that would kick things into gear but it never made any difference with him. So twice this year I have been burned by men. I just don't get it, they do the chasing and then they become less interested or their interests take a turn differently. Thanks anyway but nothing panned out with this guy which once again seems to be the usual thing with me.


Psychic Mattie x8061 stars Phone Reading

Hi Mattie. I wanted to give you an update. The foreign guy wanted to friend me on Facebook then he unfriended me the next day. I contacted him via text and asked him what his game was. he said he thought we could be friends but he was wrong. He wanted to friend me because he thought we might see each other in the future. I told him that I trust no one and am glad I have moved on. You were right about being glad that I will have moved on. I have no room in my life for a toxic man. Now the ex-boyfriend I have not heard from. I know you said in August he would come back, so we shall see. Thanks again. lcjt01


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Psychic Valentina x9217 stars Phone Reading

Hi Valentina. I'm not going to Greece. The Greek guy just told me he got married, and he's sorry he lied to me. I Just got thrown under a bus with what he told me. Unfortunately what you told me was way off. I just can't get it right with men and relationships. Thanks anyway.