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Psychic Craig x9485 stars Phone Reading

I had read with Craig on chat previously and I was left with the impression that surely the experience would be better on the phone. Boy was I right! Today we finally spoke on the phone and I was blown away by how he could pick up intricate parts of peoples personalities down to the T. He helped guide me down a very intricate situation and helped show me the bigger picture which completely resonates with the scenario at hand. I truly sincerely thankyou.


Psychic Charlie x3383 stars Phone Reading

I usually don't leave many reviews, but Charlie is quite impressive. We had a great connection. He picked up on the precise personality traits of people involved and expanded on their way of thinking. He's truly mind blowing. You must speak with him, specially if you have an intricate situation.


Psychic Esme x3498 stars Phone Reading

Esme is my new favorite reader! Shes very accurate - picked up on personalities extremely well. On thoughts and fears aswell. Absolutely everything she said about the situation seemed 100% accurate, even clarified things to me about misunderstandings, she picked up on even economical differences between people. The only thing she was off about was contact, she estimated a long wait, and it was actually the next day. But aside from that she is literally a hilarious eye-opening - bulls -eye of a reader!


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Psychic Christopher x3373 stars Phone Reading

I think Christopher is a gem, we've spoken several times (both on chat and on phone) and he's always maintained a clear, super accurate - point of view about things. Today I called for a followup and I guess he didn't remember me, which is totally understandable. He reads for many clients a day! When he drew cards, he didn't ask me questions or context of what I wanted to know beforehand, so when I did ask my questions afterwards - he tried to make the cards 'make sense' to that context. Which basically made him completely change his initial assessment of my situation (which he had sustained through 3 other readings). Chris I trust you, and I think this was a one off - just put yourself in the position of a client. Hearing something completely different than things you've said quite recently can be unsettling, specially for someone that's going through a very delicate time. I will definitely call again, I do not think this was a correct reflection of his abilities as he has proven quite accurate in the past.


Psychic Amy x7886 stars Phone Reading

Amy has been guiding me through what to me is a very dark tunnel, she helps explains to me what is really going on, she gives me advice and breaks down how things might unfold. I truly appreciate her guidance. She hasn't led me wrong once.


Psychic Donovan x8351 stars Phone Reading

I loved Donovan, he truly surprised me by explaining to me the patterns of things that have already occurred. I have no clue how he knew, so that was truly eye opening, not only did he explain patterns that have happened in the past, he also explained the reasoning behind them. What a GEM of a human being, Thankyou


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Psychic Therese x7215 stars Phone Reading

Therese has been helping me navigate a particularly complicated and turbulent chapter of my life. Her readings resonate with Truth.. and she's provided me with a clear guide that predicts how certain choices will pan out. She can. If you are in a particularly delicate and complex moment in your life, With Therese's expertise, you thoroughly feel in the hands of a professional. Thankyou Therese for caring so much about your clients, I can feel your worry, thankyou for your messages and Thankyou for dedicating your life to helping others.


Psychic Shima x3057 stars Phone Reading

Absolutely incredible!!! She basically read back all of my thoughts to me. Which makes me sure that she’s definitely picking up on me.


Psychic Kai x3548 stars Phone Reading

No connection :(


Psychic Evangeline x4655 stars Chat Reading

Not great. Long pauses. Cryptic replies. Never answered the question.